The rise in the ongoing demand for electric scooters has also instilled fear among consumers regarding scooter safety. Most of these fears make sense, and even studies have shown that scooter’s face the same threats as bikes.

Electric scooters might feel more convenient and user-friendly, but they have risks. For example, you will not be using them on empty roads. So, there is risk involved where there is traffic, and you must take necessary preventive measures to keep yourself and others safe.

So, of course, anyone who is planning to buy a scooter would be searching for electric scooter insurance policies. That is precisely what we are discussing in this article.

Safety Concerns

The general public isn’t as familiar with electric scooters as bikes. However, since electric scooters became real in the last few years, many ER doctors saw a considerable rise in patients being admitted with scooter-related injuries.

These accidents have stirred up the riders, local manufacturers and doctors to take security more seriously. Electric scooters are a fun and recreational way of making your daily trips. But you need to keep in mind that they are not toys.

Every scooter rider must ensure their utmost safety and adopt preventive measures to keep them off the hook in unforeseen circumstances. This includes wearing protective gear and helmets and obeying the traffic rules.

Not just for themselves but those driving and riding around them.

Insurance for Electric Scooter Riders

So does all this information indicate that electric scooter riders need insurance to drive on the road? The law doesn’t require an electric scooter rider to have valid insurance in the United States. All they need is a driving license, and they can ride their e-scooters on the road.

In the UK, however, the general public isn’t allowed to ride e-scooters and won’t be until the end of the year 2022. They can ride them on private lands, but using an e-scooter in all of the UK is still prohibited. However, it is expected that the government will soon pass a law surrounding using electric scooters.

This restriction is because electric vehicles should also surpass the same criteria set for motor vehicles. This means they should be licensed, insured, taxed and registered with the UK’s government.

Will Electric Scooter Insurance Be the Same as Bike Insurance?

Most of your e-scooter insurance policies will be the same as bike insurance. It will cover theft, personal accident and public liability. You will also be able to enter CAZ.

However, this isn’t wholly said and done at the moment. Once the law passes in the UK, you will have a clearer picture of what is covered in your electric scooter insurance and what isn’t.

As far as the insurance policy in the USA is concerned, here are a few things you should know.

Insurance Doesn’t Include Rental Companies

If you’re going for the shared electric scooter, then it’s written in the agreement that the user covers any liability. If you get hurt while driving the electric scooter or crash it, your auto or home insurance won’t cover it.

Most home insurance doesn’t cover the damage caused by an automobile, whereas auto insurance doesn’t cover electric scooters.

Health Insurance Will Cover Injuries

If you have an accident while riding an electric scooter, your health insurance should be able to cover the treatment of your injuries. However, it won’t cover the injuries of anyone you may have hit during the accident.

Also, you shouldn’t let someone else ride your scooter since that can complicate things. Minors, on the other hand, shouldn’t be allowed to drive at all.

Insurance for Scooter Rental Companies

Some scooter rental companies may have to offer insurance for their rentals depending on the city rules they are operating in. This insurance doesn’t harm the individual riding the scooter but does cover damages caused to public properties.

Final Verdict

Electric scooter insurance policies aren’t standard because most insurances only cover four-wheel vehicles. In addition, people have only recently been switching to electric scooters, so laws are yet to be passed.

However, once you get insurance for an electric scooter, you will see that it is similar to bike insurance. It will cover the damage, theft in case of stolen property and any damage caused to public or personal properties.

Just make sure you look into your city’s insurance policies before making a purchase.