The Electric Scooter Guide is a dedicated team of electric scooter enthusiasts based in the United Kingdom, focusing on providing comprehensive information about electric scooters. Their extensive coverage includes details on choosing the best electric scooter, understanding pricing, learning about various components, and addressing frequently asked questions, as well as clarifying e-scooter laws. The primary goal of the Electric Scooter Guide is to educate the public about the top electric scooters available in the market, highlighting their environmental and economic benefits. They aim to assist buyers in selecting the best products and provide insightful evaluations to foster the growth of the electric scooter industry.

In line with their mission to guide the public, including young adults and the elderly, towards a more electronic society, the Electric Scooter Guide has developed a detailed shopping guide. This guide is designed to help users select the top electric scooter that meets their specific needs, ensuring safer and more enjoyable electric scooter travels. The team at the Electric Scooter Guide stands out for their thorough, quantitative approach, being one of the few websites offering hands-on assessments. They invest hundreds of hours and resources in evaluating and reviewing each scooter, contributing significantly to the exposure and understanding of the electric scooter industry.

Our Team

Peaker Stack (Owner)

Peaker Stack

Email: [email protected]

Meet Peaker Stack, a suave electric scooter enthusiast from London, known for his passion for sustainable urban mobility. With his keen eye for style and efficiency, Peaker has become a go-to guide for all things electric and eco-friendly in the bustling cityscape. His expertise in electric scooters isn’t just about transport; it’s about embracing a greener lifestyle and influencing others towards eco-conscious commuting.

Peaker’s journey extends beyond personal rides; he’s a community influencer, sharing his experiences and insights on electric scooters through engaging storytelling and social media. Advocating for cleaner, more efficient urban travel, he inspires a shift towards sustainable transportation, leading the charge towards a swifter, greener future.

Brandon D (Content Editor)

Brandon Pl

Email: [email protected]

Meet Brandon, an avid advocate for electric mobility and the guiding force behind a thriving community of electric scooter enthusiasts. With his deep-rooted passion for sustainable transport, Brandon has carved out a niche as an editor with an exceptional eye for detail. His dedication is evident in his work, where he provides comprehensive reviews and expert insights into the latest advancements in electric scooter technology. Brandon’s enthusiasm for electric scooters goes beyond mere interest; it’s a commitment to promoting a more sustainable and efficient mode of urban transportation.

Brandon’s role as an editor is pivotal in shaping the conversation around electric scooters. He meticulously analyzes each model, focusing on performance, design, and environmental impact, offering his audience a well-rounded perspective. His work is not just about highlighting the best features; it’s about educating and informing users on making responsible and informed choices in their pursuit of electric mobility. Through his in-depth reviews and engaging content, Brandon is not just informing a community; he’s inspiring a movement towards cleaner, greener urban transport solutions.