Electric scooters have a rich history that predates their recent surge in popularity among adults. Originally designed with children in mind, these nifty two-wheelers have evolved significantly in recent years to cater to the growing demand for electric scooters for adults. Unlike some fleeting trends like hoverboards or Segways, adult electric scooters have firmly established themselves in the transportation landscape and continue to gain traction for various reasons.

In recent years, electric scooters for adults have experienced a remarkable transformation in terms of design, technology, and accessibility. As we delve into the world of adult electric scooters, it’s evident that they have become a compelling choice for urban commuters looking to streamline their daily travels.

Advancements in Electric Scooter Technology: Modern electric scooters for adults boast cutting-edge technology, with features like powerful lithium-ion batteries, regenerative braking systems, and intuitive smartphone apps for tracking and customization. These advancements have not only enhanced the overall riding experience but have also improved safety and convenience.

Growing Popularity and Accessibility: The surge in demand for adult electric scooters can be attributed to their increasing accessibility. Many cities now have dedicated e-scooter sharing programs, making it convenient for individuals to rent electric scooters for short commutes or leisure rides. This accessibility has transformed the way people navigate urban environments, offering a convenient alternative to traditional transportation methods.

Environmental Considerations: In an era marked by increasing environmental consciousness, adult electric scooters align perfectly with the sustainability agenda. They are eco-friendly options that contribute to reducing emissions and traffic congestion in urban areas. Electric scooters not only reduce the carbon footprint but also save riders money on fuel costs, making them an attractive option for environmentally conscious commuters.

Portability and Ease of Use: Adult electric scooters are designed with portability in mind. Many models are foldable, allowing users to easily transport them on public transit or store them in tight living spaces. This portability, combined with their lightweight construction, makes them a practical choice for urban dwellers looking to navigate busy streets and sidewalks.

Efficiency in Urban Mobility: One of the standout features of adult electric scooters is their efficiency in urban mobility. With their agility, riders can effortlessly weave through traffic, bypassing congestion and arriving at their destinations quicker than conventional vehicles. This efficiency makes them a time-saving option for daily commuters.

Variety of Models and Features: The market for adult electric scooters has expanded significantly, offering a wide range of models tailored to different needs. Some prioritize speed and range for longer commutes, while others emphasize comfort and stability for leisurely rides. This diversity ensures that there’s an electric scooter suitable for various preferences and lifestyles.

Best Adult Electric Scooters in UK

They’re a huge investment, and you’re not sure what to look for in a scooter. So we’ve chosen some of the best in town and broken down the characteristics and specifications you should consider before purchasing.

Brand Speed Battery Range
Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2 16mph 600W 27.96 miles
Nine Bot Max G30 18.6mph 551Wh 40.4 miles
Kugoo Kerin S1 16mph 350W 15.53 miles
Reid E4 16mph 250W 17.4 miles
Turboant X7 Pro 20mph 10Ah 29.83miles

1. Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2

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The Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2 may look a lot like its predecessor. The highly popular Mi 365, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to ride. It is quick, almost silent, has endless battery life, and can even be tracked via a smartphone app.

The Mi Scooter Pro 2 features a folding form, like other current scooters. This should make it easier to transport, albeit it weighs 14.2 kg, up from 12.5 kg in the original, thanks to the larger battery and other new equipment, such as an upgraded KERS braking system.

It has large 8.5in tyres that let it navigate tiny kerbs and light offroading. Although it isn’t as smooth or capable as models with larger 10in wheels.

It can carry up to 100 kg of weight and travel up to 27.96 miles, an increase of 9.32 miles over the original. If you accelerate it to its maximum speed of 16 miles/h, you won’t be able to cover quite as much ground. But you’ll still have hours of fun.

Cruise control, adjustable acceleration, a headlight and braking system light, a kinetic energy recovery system. An ABS braking system at the front and a mechanical disc brake. At the rear are just a few of the cool extra features that make the Mi Scooter Pro 2 the best electric scooter for most people right now.

Technical Specifications

Speed: 16mph
Battery Power: 600W
Range: 27.96 Miles
Weight: 14.2kg

2. Ninebot Max G30


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The Ninebot Max G30 is a fantastic electric scooter with incredible acceleration and a range of 40 miles, but it’s not for everyone. The Max G30 is one of the best electric scooter experiences available right now, thanks to its large 10in tyres that help reduce shock while riding. The three driving modes give different levels of power to suit your journey, but at 18kg, it’s not as portable as the other scooters in our chart.

The heft comes primarily from the tyres and the vast internal battery, which has a 40-mile endurance, making it ideal for longer commutes to work. The problem is that the weight makes it tough to transport on trains and buses. It is inconvenient if you’re trying to fill the gap between your various forms of transportation.

Technical Specifications

Speed: 18.6mph
Battery Power: 350W
Range: 40.4 Miles
Weight: 18.7kg

3. Kugoo Kirin S1

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You might think the Kirin S1 isn’t perfect because it costs less than many competitors. Apart from a rather dim display that’s impossible to view in bright sunlight, the S1 doesn’t have many flaws.

The real-world endurance of roughly 9 miles isn’t excellent, but then as long as your visits are brief, which they will be, for the most part, it won’t be an issue.

It’s lighter than most competitors at under 12 kg, and it features a great, quiet motor that propels you forward.

Technical Specifications

Speed: 16mph
Battery Power: 350W
Range: 15.53Miles
Weight: 11.9kg

4. Reid E4

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The Reid E4 electric scooter is a beautiful alternative for commuters, providing a somewhat more quality experience than what you’ll find from Xiaomi, but you’ll pay a little more for it.

The E4 has an ergonomic form, a huge display, inclined handlebars, and more customisable LEDs than you can throw a stick at, making it stand out from the crowd of scooters on the road. The E4, which is powered by a 250W engine, can reach speeds of 15.5mph and range of up to 17.4 miles.

The only significant criticism is that, like the Mi M365 and other 8.5-wheeled scooters, it has solid tyres, which means you’ll feel each lump and bump in the road. While this means you won’t get any punctures while riding, it also means you’ll feel every bump.

Technical Specifications

Speed: 16mph
Battery Power: 250W
Range: 17.4 Miles
Weight: 13.1kg

5. Turboant X7 Pro

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The Turboant X7 Pro is the company’s best and most capable electric scooter to date, and it’s designed to compete with the popular Mi Scooter Pro 2.

The updated 10in inflatable wheels provide a superior riding experience than 8.5 scooters when climbing over kerbs or riding over bumps in the road. The 350W motor (with a maximum 700W output) is relatively powerful on flat ground and manages uphill journeys. With a weight limit of 125 kg, it can also accommodate heavier riders.

Another advantage is that the battery is detachable and has its charging connector, allowing it to be charged independently from the scooter, and may purchase more batteries. You might keep one in your backpack to extend your range or keep one at work and at home to ensure that your scooter is always fully charged and ready to travel.

There are built-in lights and reflectors, as well as cruise control, which is activated by maintaining a constant speed for 6 seconds; however, the X7 Pro lacks a connected app with additional functions.

Keep in mind that you can get it from Turboant directly. There are warehouses in California and Germany that transport orders to the United States and the United Kingdom, respectively, but it’s also where they’ll need to go for a warranty repair or replacement.

Technical Specifications

Speed: 20mph
Battery Power: 350W
Range: 29 Miles
Weight: 15kg


The best electric scooter for adults takes the classic kick scooter and adds a motor and battery to make it more fun. Electric scooters can currently travel at high speeds and over long distances, with features such as Bluetooth apps, headlights, sturdy construction, and more.

Although these aren’t the fastest electric scooters on the market, they’re great value for money and have a good range for commuters. Electric scooters appear to have a promising future with plenty of room for advancement. Let us see what the future holds.