Our Top Picks Best Electric Scooters

Drawing upon the insights and reviews from passionate riders, we have enlisted an exhaustive list of electric scooters ideally tailored to cater to distinct categories.

Best Overall

General Specification

Brand NAMI
Colour Black
Intended Age Adult
Unique Attribute Looks, Power, and Waterproofing

Technical Specifications

Maximum Weight Capacity 220 Pounds
Dimensions 133.5, 124.5 and 28.8 cm (Length x Width x Height)
Wheel Count 2
Model Title NAMI Blast
Wheels air tubeless
Frame Medium Aluminium

The Good

  • Heavy-duty but lightweight
  • Ideal for long commutes
  • Extended battery life
  • Tubeless wheels
  • Max speed up to 52 mph
  • Big in size, but it is still a foldable design - making it easier to carry around
  • Rear and front lights
  • Thanks to the excellent suspension, it’s very comfortable to ride. Riders can easily ride Nami Blast for 60 minutes.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes

The Bad

  • Slightly pricier, but keeping its positives in mind, it is still a good value for money.
  • Some users have reported that Nami Blast is not very easy to maintain

Why We Recommend It?

Looking for a one-stop solution to make your daily urban commutes better and easier? Perhaps you’re planning a solo long-distance trip on wheels. Consider the NAMI Blast: a new way to experience electric scooters.

The first thing you notice about the NAMI Blast is its state-of-the-art appearance, and who doesn’t love an electric scooter from the future? The designer behind this vehicle aimed for a first look that said innovation, power, and style.

The NAMI Blast has a patented front-wheel suspension, setting it apart from its competitors. If you want an unmatched riding experience, this scooter is for you. It eliminates bumps and vibrations, gliding effortlessly, even at lightning speeds.

Plus, this four-wheeled scooter has an aviation-grade aluminium build. That’s exactly as strong and rigid as it sounds! Thanks to its lowered ground clearance and wide deck, you can count on complete control when riding through sharp corners.

Underneath its hood, the NAMI Blast is even better than its appearance lets on. The battery has a peak power of 4200W, reaching 52.8 mph in no time. If thrilling speed and impressive range are your priorities, let this power-packed scooter take you up to 90 miles on a single charge.

Let’s check back in with its main feature: the patented front-wheel suspension. Combine its stability with the 165 mm KKE hydraulic shock absorbers, and you always have a smooth and safe ride. If that’s not enough to convince you of its safety, take a look at the scooter’s 11-inch tubeless road tires, Logan disc brakes, and an electronic brake system.

Are you a night rider? If yes, you’re in luck because the NAMI Blast boasts a powerful 2000-lumen headlight and side LED lights. It’s safe to say that it’s more than just a scooter; it’s a lifestyle worth investing in.

Best Budget

General Specification

Brand Solar
Colour Black
Intended Age Suitable for Adults
Special Feature Lightweight Design

Technical Specifications

Weight Capacity Supports up to 300 lbs
Dimensions 125 x 110 x 135cm (Length x Width x Height)
Wheel Count 2
Model Name P1 2.0
Wheel Medium Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Frame Medium Metal

The Good

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Great value for money.
  • Highly portable
  • Non-Collapsible Steel T-Bar
  • Lightweight Deck
  • PVC Wheels
  • Front and Rear Braking
  • Soft Grip Handles

The Bad

  • Slow acceleration
  • Not ideal for longer commutes
  • It is not recommended for taller kids or adults.

Why We Recommend It?

The Solar P1 2.0 Electric Scooter is for those seeking the ride of their life in sleek black. It’s laser-focused, futuristic, and all things that guarantee a premium performance. Read on to find out more about its unparalleled ride.

The Solar P1 2.0 may have an unassuming appearance, but it packs a punch under the hood. It boasts not one but two powerful 1200-watt brushless electric motors and a robust 52V 18Ah high-cycle lithium-ion battery. It’s safe to say that this scooter’s force and speed are unparalleled.

In fact, it zooms through the streets at 49.7 mph. You can count on its Launch Mode feature to boost the acceleration in a quick second. Plus, you can reach 29.8 miles on just a single charge.

But there’s more to the Solar P1 2.0 than just speed and force. Unlike others, it’s a smart scooter packed with unconventional features to enhance your riding experience. From its laser-focused front light illuminating 10 metres to the fingerprint start option for added security, this scooter’s interface is genuinely fascinating.

If you opt for its Tron Edition, you can even enjoy Electro Luminescent Technology on its deck. You’ll feel as if you’re really part of the movie’s virtual universe, surrounded by 360-degree visuals in cyan, red, green, and purple.

Besides unmatched visuals, you can also count on the Solar P1 2.0 for convenience and comfort. It’s foldable and portable, so you can even take it to your workplace. Plus, its 10-inch pneumatic anti-skid tires and hydraulic suspension are why a smooth ride is guaranteed.

Best Commuter

Ninebot KickScooter D38E

General Specification

Brand Segway-Ninebot
Intended Age Adults
Special Feature Lights, Lightweight

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 114.3 x 48 x 50 centimeters
Number of wheels 2
Model Name D38e
Weight 36 lbs
Wheel size 10 Inches
Frame Medium Aluminum

The Good

  • Strong 350W motor for speeds up.
  • Handles slopes.
  • Long battery life covers about 24 miles.
  • Choose from three driving modes on the LED display.
  • Rigid 10" wheels for different terrains.
  • Bright LED lighting and certified reflectors.
  • Resistant to water with an IPX5 rating.
  • Sleek design.
  • LED headlight.
  • Dual brakes.
  • Stylish colours.
  • Affordable.

The Bad

  • Takes a long time to charge (6.5 hours).
  • Doesn't have its suspension for a smoother ride.
  • Operates with just one brake control.

Why We Recommend It?

The Ninebot KickScooter D38E stands out as a contender in electric scooters, offering a compelling price that caters particularly well to commuting needs. It has a powerful 350W motor, a commendable range, and noteworthy features like app compatibility and IPX5 water resistance, which makes it worth it.

What truly sets the Ninebot D38E apart is its unique design. Adorned with striking red accents and a sleek form factor, it surpasses the usual monotonous look that characterises many electric scooters.

Convenience takes centre stage with any scooter’s portability. Weighing in at 36 lbs, it balances weight and manageability. The folding mechanism is swift and hassle-free, facilitated by a single-release mechanism. This enables seamless transitions, making it an ideal choice for commuters needing to alternate between various modes of transport.

The rider experience is well-crafted, with a comfortable footboard accommodating various shoe sizes. The IPX5 water resistance provides added safety for those riding in damp conditions. Moreover, a front-facing LED light contributes to safety during night rides.

Including an app is a noteworthy addition, enhancing the functionality of the scooter. This app, compatible with iOS and Android devices, offers insights into ride data, battery status, and the ability to lock the scooter remotely.

Performance-wise, the Ninebot D38E has a 350W motor that makes urban commuting a breeze. It provides a dynamic and enjoyable ride with three-speed modes, including a Sport mode that hits the scooter’s top speed of 15.5mph.

Battery life is respectable, offering up to 23.6 miles on a charge. Although the range may vary based on terrain and speed, it provides ample coverage for daily commutes and short trips. Charging takes around 6.5 hours, which, while not the fastest, is a reasonable trade-off for the performance it delivers.

So for those seeking a blend of performance, style, and practicality, the Ninebot KickScooter D38E is a highly appealing choice for urban travellers and short-distance commuters.

Best Portable

General Specification

Brand Mycle
Intended Age Adults
Popular Feature Portability

Technical Specifications

Weight Capacity Up to 220 lbs
Dimensions 109 cm x 47 cm x 118 cm
Wheel Count 2
Model Name Cruiser Lite
Wheel Material Medium Rubber
Frame Material Medium Aluminum
Product Weight 33 lbs

The Good

  • Contemporary design
  • Convenient portability when folded
  • Impressive 25-mile range

The Bad

  • Slow acceleration
  • Narrow footboard
  • Limited to a single brake control

Why We Recommend It?

Check out the Mycle Cruiser Pro – a fantastic electric scooter proving affordability without sacrificing quality. This scooter is all about giving you great value for your money.

When it comes to being portable, the Cruiser Pro takes the lead. It’s slim and lightweight, making it easy to fold and carry. You can easily take it with you wherever you go.

This scooter is great for short trips and quick rides. It has a smaller footboard and narrower handlebars, which makes it easy to carry and store. The battery also lasts a reasonable distance of up to 25 miles on a single charge.

While it may not have the most powerful motor compared to other scooters, it still reaches a decent speed and gets you where you need to go.

The Mycle Cruiser Pro comes with a price tag of £399, making it a solid choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly scooter that doesn’t compromise quality. It’s available in the UK, so you can get it quickly and enjoy your rides sooner.

In short, if you want a scooter that’s easy to carry, fits your budget, and gets the job done, the Mycle Cruiser Pro is a great option.

Best Long Range

General Specification

Intended Age Adults
Popular Features Dual Braking System, Adjustable Handlebar for Personalized Comfort

Technical Specifications

Maximum Weight Capacity 330 lbs
Wheel Count 2
Model Name Electric Scooter
Wheel Material Aluminum
Frame Material Aluminum
Scooter Weight 35 lbs

The Good

  • High-power 800W brushless motor
  • Equipped with a safety key and switch for added security
  • Features 10-inch pneumatic tires
  • Convenient foldable design for easy storage and transport
  • Seat is removable
  • Integrated LED lights
  • Reliable disc brakes

The Bad

  • Bulky
  • Latch for Folding Mechanism
  • Brake System

Why We Recommend It?

Hold onto your helmets, folks, because the iEnyride M4 Pro S+ electric scooter is the new wizard in the world of electric scooters! Buckle up as we take a high-speed ride through its incredible features and performance.

This incredible scooter packs a serious punch with its 800W brushless rear motor. It can hit a max speed of 28 mph, giving you a feeling akin to flying past traffic like a superhero on a mission!

But here’s the kicker – the real-world range is just as impressive with the M4 Pro S+’s high-capacity 768Wh lithium battery promising a wide range and that 800W motor, you’ll have a blast for hours before recharging. You can now explore the city streets and beyond, as this scooter can take up to 31 miles on a single charge. No more worrying about running out of battery halfway through your adventure. And trust me, you won’t want to stop riding.

The M4 Pro S+ is not just powerful; it’s also built tough. Its lightweight yet durable aluminium frame can handle whatever the urban wilderness throws its way. And those 10-inch pneumatic tires? They’re like shock absorbers, gliding over rough roads effortlessly.

Moreover, this scooter is full of smart features that’ll make your ride even more awesome. The LED lights light up the road and add a futuristic flair to your journey. And the side indicators are built-in to keep the riders safe during those sharp turns.

And let’s not forget the incredible performance on challenging terrain. Uphill battles? No problem. Bumpy tracks? Smooth sailing. The suspension and expansive deck provide an incredibly comfortable ride, and the power delivery is super smooth.

So, if you’re ready for adventures in your daily commute or weekend adventures, the iEnyride M4 Pro S+ is your ticket to an electrifying journey.

Best Dual Motor

General Specification

Brand HWWH
Colour Black
Intended Age Range Adult
Special Feature Foldable, Illumination, Non-Slip Deck, Seat

Technical Specifications

Weight Capacity Up to 400 Kilograms
Dimensions 151 x 30 x 142 centimeters
Wheel Count 2
Model Name 6000W-43Ah-13
Wheel Material Medium Polyurethane
Frame Material Medium Aluminium

The Good

  • Dual motors for power and versatility
  • Wide non-slip tires
  • Advanced suspension for comfort and shock absorption
  • Efficient EABS braking
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Bright LED headlights, clear LCD display
  • High-capacity battery for long range
  • Dual charging for faster charging

The Bad

  • Bulky
  • A bit expensive

Why We Recommend It?

Get ready to embark on the off-road adventure of a lifetime with the incredible HWWH powerful off-road electric scooter! This beast of a machine is a game-changer, equipped with not one but two high-performance brushless motors that deliver jaw-dropping power. Whether you’re craving a single-drive experience or the thrill of double-drive front and rear wheels, this scooter has got you covered, making it a dream to conquer any terrain.

Picture this: massive 13-inch oversized off-road tires that grip the ground like a pro combined with a mind-blowing double hydraulic suspension system. Gravel mountains, extreme beaches, and even snow-covered roads are no match for this bad boy. And when it’s time to take control, the double hydraulic disc brakes and intelligent speed limit feature ensure you’re riding with confidence and staying safe no matter how wild the journey gets.

But that’s not all – let’s talk battery life. Brace yourself for an epic adventure because this scooter boasts an impressive battery life of up to 120 kilometres! That means you can explore more, go farther, and experience the thrill of off-road like never before.

Now, let’s dive into the genius behind the design. It’s not just about power – it’s about convenience and style too. The foldable design makes storage a breeze, and the integrated buttons for headlights, turn signals, and the horn on the left handle are like having a control centre at your fingertips. And oh, the intelligent speed limit and single/double actuation buttons? Pure genius for a seamless and exhilarating ride.

Buckle up, folks, because the HWWH off-road electric scooter is not just a ride – it’s an adventure waiting to happen. It’s the ultimate choice for thrill-seekers, mountain explorers, and those who want to conquer the great outdoors in style. Get ready to experience off-road like never before – this scooter is here to take you on the ride of your life!

Best Seated

General Specification

Brand Razor
Colour Black
Intended Age Group Suitable for Adults
Special Feature Comfortable Seating

Technical Specifications

Weight Capacity Up to 155 Pounds
Dimensions 51.97 x 12.99 x 25.2 inches
Wheel Count 2
Model Name Ecosmart
Wheel Material Medium Polyurethane
Frame Material Medium Alloy Steel

The Good

  • Padded seat for enhanced comfort
  • Spacious bamboo deck
  • Removable luggage carrier featuring a basket
  • Amazing price

The Bad

  • Charging takes up to 12 hours
  • Absence of lights, reflectors, or bells
  • Difficulty in adjusting seat height

Why We Recommend It?

If you’re on the hunt for the best electric scooter that combines eco-consciousness with high performance, the Razor EcoSmart Metro should be at the top of your list.

Are you one of those people who worry about environmental sustainability? Are you seeking a fast, reliable electric scooter that can operate diverse services? If you answer yes, the EcoSmart Metro is well-suited for your needs.

This scooter is ideal for adults and older teens but less for younger riders due to its speed. Whether you’re looking for smooth rides or a convenient commute, the EcoSmart Metro offers a versatile solution.

Breaking the conventional scooter mould, the EcoSmart Metro has a seat – which is not a popular feature in many best electric scooters. The large wheels and the elegant white frame give this scooter a distinctive and stylish look. The removable luggage carrier and basket also allow one to customise the appearance of the electric scooter for a more personalised feel.

Now let’s talk about speed – the EcoSmart Metro doesn’t disappoint in this department. With a top speed of 18 mph, you’ll experience an exhilarating thrill as you zoom around town.

Powered by a robust 36V rechargeable battery, you can enjoy a comfortable 10-mile ride on a single charge. Whether you’re embarking on short daily trips or using it for your daily commute, the EcoSmart Metro’s impressive mileage has you covered.

Considering its substantial frame, wheels, and bamboo deck, it’s no surprise that the EcoSmart Metro weighs 67 lbs. This heft contributes to its robustness and durability, enabling it to carry riders weighing up to 220 lbs.

Now, onto the portability. The EcoSmart Metro isn’t designed for easy folding or carrying. If portability is a top concern for you, check out my list of the most portable electric scooters.

This electric scooter has a hand-operated rear brake that ensures a safe stop and cuts the motor, enhancing the rider’s ability to halt swiftly.

In conclusion, the Razor EcoSmart Metro is a remarkable choice among the best electric scooters. Its eco-friendliness, performance, and durability make it an excellent option for urban commuters and enthusiasts. If you prioritise an eco-conscious ride with a touch of speed and comfort, the EcoSmart Metro won’t disappoint.

Best Hill Climber

General Specification

Colour Black
Intended Age Adults
Unique Feature Dual Suspension

Technical Specifications

Maximum Weight 220 kg
Wheel Material Medium Polyurethane
Frame Material Medium Aluminium

The Good

  • Foldable & Adjustable.
  • Quick Fold.
  • High Speed.
  • Contemporary Design.
  • High Rebound Wheels.
  • Super safe.
  • Integrated display.
  • In-App control.
  • IP66 water resistance.
  • Triple suspension system.

The Bad

  • Weak plastic handlebar bracket
  • Limited colour choices

Why We Recommend It?

The Apollo City 2023 is an electric scooter powerhouse, perfect for city commutes. Its dual motors conquer steep inclines and extended rides, backed by a robust build. However, the added weight might prove a hurdle for frequent carrying.

Having previously tested the Apollo City 2023, I was eager to experience the Pro version. The standout feature is undoubtedly the dual 500W motors, boosting speeds to 32mph and excelling on hills. Yet, this power comes with added weight.

Crafted from sturdy aircraft-grade aluminium and featuring impressive suspension, the Pro offers a solid ride. The inclusion of front and rear brake levers, along with regenerative braking, enhances control.

The scooter’s triple suspension, 10-inch wheels, and tubeless tires contribute to a comfortable ride, even on rough surfaces. The IP66 water resistance and self-healing tires make it adaptable to diverse conditions.

One minor drawback is the finicky folding clip, slightly affecting its portability when folded.

The Apollo City 2023 performs impressively on the road, riding confidently alongside cars. The suspension tackles bumps with finesse.

Moreover, this model earns the title of the best hill climber for a reason. Its power and capability on inclines are exceptional.

However, due to its weight, it might not be the most convenient for frequent carrying, especially on public transit or stairs. It excels for point-to-point rides but might be less suited for frequent folding.

Considering the cost differences, most users might find the standard version adequate. Unless you require the Pro’s superior hill-climbing and extended range, the standard model offers a commendable balance of performance and convenience.

Apollo has indeed delivered with the City’s IP66 water resistance rating. The 2023 model boasts self-healing tires equipped with gel lines for instant puncture sealing. The anti-glare display, seamlessly integrated into the handlebar, offers vital data, from speed to battery levels and riding modes.

The Apollo City app brings added benefits, including turn-by-turn navigation, post-ride insights, and advanced settings. The dual shocks and triple suspension ensure a consistently smooth ride, making the Apollo City 2023 the ultimate choice for conquering hills and diverse terrains.

Best All Terrain

General Specification

Brand Kaabo
Colour Black
Intended Age Adults
Popular Features Strong hydraulic brakes

Technical Specifications

Weight Limit Up to 150 Kilograms
Dimensions 1274mm x 650mm x 1339mm
Wheel Count 2

The Good

  • Strong hydraulic brakes for powerful stopping.
  • Very durable and long-lasting.
  • Excellent construction and ride experience.
  • Top-notch design in the industry.
  • Smooth folding mechanism.
  • Advanced display screen.
  • Bright and modern lighting.
  • Resistant to water (IPX5 rating).
  • Adjustable suspension for different terrains.
  • Wide handlebars and user-friendly controls for great handling.
  • Outstanding performance.
  • Dual 1100W motors for solid power.
  • 30A Sine Wave controllers for smooth acceleration.
  • Efficient battery power.

The Bad

  • The rear fender design needs improvement.
  • The folding latch design is flawed.

Why We Recommend It?

The Kaabo Mantis King GT has spell bounded all those with an adventurous spirit because of its exceptional all-terrain capabilities. While most scooters confine themselves to city streets, the Mantis King GT fearlessly tackles any terrain anywhere with its unparalleled features.

The adjustable dual hydraulic suspension is a game-changer as it revolutionises the experience of riding on rough surfaces. Combining this suspension with the 10-inch hybrid pneumatic tires creates an unmatched all-terrain experience that every rider deserves to encounter.

The best thing about this electric scooter is how portable and powerful it is. Considering it’s only 74 lbs, it’s not a burden to carry, and its compact folded size can easily be fitted in any car’s trunk. Plus, it has wide handlebars with a reinforced frame that gives it a robust feel, ideal for long rides and various terrains.

Now let’s talk about the dual 1100W motors and 30A Sine Wave controllers that deliver remarkable power. For any rider, accelerating up to 43 mph is simply exhilarating while feeling in complete control of the scooter. This sheer power, combined with its elegant design, truly elevates Mantis King GT’s status amongst all its peers.

Speaking of design, the vast and ergonomically-designed 26-inch handlebars deliver outstanding handling, making the scooter surprisingly fast for its size. The spacious deck and grippy kickplate allow me to find the perfect riding position and confidently lean into turns.

And the battery power? It’s ahead of its time. The Samsung 60V 24Ah battery with 21700 cells gives the scooter an ultra-efficient energy supply for long rides. With a maximum range of 56 miles, riders can embark on country adventures without worrying about running out of battery. And, not to forget, recharging is manageable as well, as it takes just around 6 hours with a fast charger.

Adventures don’t wait for the weather to turn favourable, and true riders know this. Mantis King GT is mainly preferred because it’s always ready. Its IPX5 water-resistance rating handles splashes like a champion, and the Zoom hydraulic brakes provide reliable stopping power.

So, is it expensive? Yes. But it’s an investment that proves to be an absolute steal, especially for those who are always ready for urban adventures.

Best Suspension

General Specification

Colour Black
Intended Age Adults
Popular Features Adjustable Handlebar Height, Foldable Design, Built-in Lights, Non-Slip Deck, Included Seat

Technical Specifications

Weight Limit Up to 200 Kilograms
Dimensions 121.9cm x 27.9cm x 132.1cm
Wheel Count 2
Model Name 60V/33Ah-11
Wheel Material Medium Polyurethane
Frame Material Medium Aluminium

The Good

  • Dual Motors.
  • 11″ Off-Road Tires
  • Advanced Shock Absorption
  • Responsive braking.
  • LED dual headlights.
  • Long Battery Life.

The Bad

  • Higher price compared to other options
  • Heavier and bulkier design
  • Limited colour options

Why We Recommend It?

In search of wanting to be amazed by the sheer power and innovative design of an e-scooter? Well, the fitting piece to your puzzle is CAMTOP Electric Scooter. This scooter beast has two powerful brushless motors, allowing the rider to go from 0 to 20 km/h in only 2.5 seconds and tackle steep 45-degree slopes effortlessly. If you’re still not impressed, keep reading to learn about this ultimate adventure machine.

With this model, safety is a priority. This claim is evident from the EABS electronic braking system paired with dual hydraulic disc brakes. This dynamic combination ensures you can stop quickly and efficiently, providing maximum protection during your ride.

Additionally, CAMTOP Electric Scooter comes with a double hydraulic suspension, a game-changer that delivers an exceptionally smooth and comfortable experience even when the roads are rough. So, with this scooter, you no longer have to worry about gliding over bumps and uneven surfaces – it’s like having your magic carpet.

Now, for the riders who like going out at night, the LED angel eye headlights are your best friend. They bring a touch of sophistication and practicality. The adjustable U7 LED double headlight not only looks stylish but also illuminates the path ahead, making nighttime rides both safe and visually appealing.

Navigating this e-bike is as easy as possible, thanks to the intuitive LCD control panel and thumb throttle combo. Gone are the days when the riders had to worry about adjusting settings, keeping track of their mileage, and accelerating without a simple touch.

As for the tires, a primary concern for many riders, this e-scooter comes with 11-inch off-road tubeless tires, which, quite frankly, are a genius choice. They’re designed to provide exceptional grip and durability, making them ideal for confidently conquering various terrains.

However, what truly sets this e-bike apart is its high-capacity lithium battery. With the ability to cover a range of up to 100km, you can embark on longer journeys without the fear of running out of battery.

So, we can safely deduce this e-bike is a masterpiece of engineering and innovation. From the robust motors to the cutting-edge controller and long-lasting battery, every aspect has been meticulously designed to provide an extraordinary riding experience.

Fastest On A Budget

General Specification

Colour Matte Black
Intended Age Adults
Popular Features Lightweight and Foldable Design

Technical Specifications

Weight Capacity Up to 20 Kilograms
Dimensions 104.1 x 47 x 19.1 centimeters
Wheel Count 2
Model Name Unagi Model One E500
Wheel Material Medium Rubber
Frame Material Medium Aluminium

The Good

  • Sleek design
  • Impressive power
  • Clear and user-friendly display
  • TORAY carbon fibre for lightweight strength
  • Dual electronic anti-lock brakes for safe stops
  • Maximum speed is up to 20 mph
  • Maximum range is up to 15 miles
  • 500W power, dual motors for quick acceleration
  • Integrated handlebar controls: throttle, brake, horn, LED headlight

The Bad

  • Shock absorption can be improved
  • Relatively expensive

Why We Recommend It?

The Unagi Model One E500 is every commuter’s dream electric scooter. Wondering why? Let’s see.

This model is not only attractive, but it comes with a sleek design and maximum functionality that checks all the boxes. Every detail of this e-scooter is laced with perfection -from its delicate yet robust stem to the streamlined dash and efficient folding mechanism. Moreover, it’s incredibly lightweight, making it an ideal choice for hopping on a train or bus or bringing it into the office.

However, there’s a trade-off for this level of portability. The Unagi Model One E500 has 7.5-inch solid tires, which might be better suited for roads without obstacles. The lack of shock-absorbing pneumatic tires can make riding on less-than-ideal road conditions challenging.

But if you’re ready to invest, the Unagi Model One E500 offers indisputable benefits. First and foremost, the easy assembly process is a breath of fresh air compared to other scooters that require more complex setups. The assembly instructions are clear, and the scooter arrives fully charged so that you can hit the road right away.

Unagi’s design elevates its status amongst other best electric scooters. It has elegant curves and vibrant colour options, which catch the eye without a miss. The Toray carbon fibre stem adds strength and style, while the magnesium handlebar gives it a modern yet sophisticated look. The integration of these components gives it a modern standing, while the compact deck still offers ample space for an intermediate rider.

It’s worth noting that while the Unagi Model One E500 comes with a higher price tag, it reflects its exceptional portability and thoughtful design. This scooter could provide a luxurious, smooth ride with access to well-maintained roads. For those who prioritise ease of transport without compromising style, the Unagi Model One E500 is a solid choice.

Best for Kids

General Specification

Brand Gotrax
Colour Green
Intended Age Kids
Unique Feature Lightweight

Technical Specifications

Weight Capacity Up to 154 Pounds
Dimensions 83.8 x 38.1 x 81.3 centimetres
Wheel Count 2
Model Name Gks Lumios
Wheel Material Medium Aluminum
Item Weight 18.7 Pounds

The Good

  • Most Affordable Children’s Scooter.
  • Super vibrant with LED wheels.
  • 20% larger battery.
  • Safe Speed.
  • Adjustable.
  • Simple assembly.
  • Lightweight and effortlessly manoeuvrable.

The Bad

  • Unfoldable

Why We Recommend It?

Are you on a mission to get the best electric scooters for your child without breaking the bank? Well, you’re in for a treat because the GoTrax GKS is the key to winning your quest.

Let’s see why: Firstly, safety is the number one requirement when choosing any vehicle for a child. And safety is at the forefront of this scooter’s design, allowing your little one to build confidence while riding in style.

This scooter gained its reputation for being affordable, along with its high-class design. You can get GoTrax GKS at a reasonable price of £169. This scooter is benchmarked against five other high-performing models, yet the GKS emerges as the pinnacle of value among kids-friendly scooters.

Now let’s dive into what’s likely a top concern for most parents: speed. The GoTrax GKS has a reliable top speed of 7 mph. And, worry not, it has Safety Start Technology for an added layer of safety.

On its grippy deck are two raised sensors that function as buttons. All your kid needs to place one foot on the front sensor and initiate movement through a kick. To activate the 150W motor, your kid will have to place the other foot on the rear sensor. This innovative component ensures that your little rider can only accelerate speed when in a secure standing position.

Similarly, slowing down the speed is also easy and can be achieved by lifting the foot off the rear sensor or applying the foot brake on the rear wheel. This unique technology is an exclusive highlight of the GoTrax GKS lineup.

So, are you wondering why the GKS comes at a more budget-friendly price than other scooters like the Segway Ninebot ZING E8? Primarily, it’s because the latter is overpriced.

Additionally, the GKS doesn’t fold and employs a steel frame instead of the aluminium alloy found in the ZING E8, which provides better resistance against rust and corrosion. Despite these differences, the GoTrax GKS still offers exceptional value, delivering performance that rivals higher-priced options.

With a maximum capacity of 6.2 miles, the GKS is ideal for family outings or trips to the park. While it lacks a folding mechanism, making carrying it around hard, it can be easily disassembled and reassembled without complicated instructions.

And lastly, it is Available in a vibrant selection of five rich colours, making it a perfect choice for young adventurers. Now, it is true that your kid will eventually outgrow it and seek something with faster speed, but this scooter serves as the perfect stepping stone. And the cherry on top? You won’t have to empty your wallet for the experience.

Best for Teens and Students

General Specification

Brand Gotrax
Colour Matte Black
Intended Age Range This electric scooter is not suitable for children under the age of 13
Unique Feature Foldable

Technical Specifications

Weight Capacity Up to 220 Pounds
Dimensions 15 x 6 x 44 inches
Model Name GXL V2
Wheel Material Medium Rubber
Frame Material Medium Aluminum
Item Weight 26.98 Pounds

The Good

  • Incredibly budget-friendly
  • Exceptionally high value
  • Sturdy construction
  • Enjoyable and comfortable riding experience
  • Simple folding, convenient carrying, and storage
  • Rubberised grips and pneumatic tires
  • The dual braking system for enhanced safety
  • Easy and safe to commute with intuitive controls

The Bad

  • Average acceleration performance
  • Lack of a rear light

Why We Recommend It?

A long time ago, if you would go to the market to buy an electric scooter with a small budget in your pocket, you would barely get a scooter that felt like it was made of flimsy plastic, making unsettling creaks and rattles as you zipped down the street. However, thanks to electric scooters growing popularity, the GoTrax GXL V2 came into being, turning the tables completely.

GoTrax is a brand that doesn’t bend or compromise. Every one of its models comes with a promise of quality, no matter the price. If you’re a student or a teen seeking an affordable entry point into the best electric scooter world, the GXL V2 is your golden ticket.

GXL V2 is a surprisingly sturdy ride that’ll take you around campus or to a friend’s place without any fuss. It’s an incredible value for your money, offering all the perks of a modern electric scooter without emptying your student loan or hard-earned savings. The best part? There are no hidden obstacles for you along the way. It is as good as it sounds.

With an energetic maximum speed of 15.5 mph and a generous range of 12 miles, it has enough power to win your heart over. And the best part is that you don’t have to compromise on comfort to get maximum power – thanks to the plush pneumatic tires. Due to these, the V2 glides over bumps and cracks on the road for a silky-smooth ride. These tires are a premium feature. It is important to note that most other scooters in this price range come with hard rubber tires that offer zero shock absorption.

Imagine wanting to reach somewhere on time. The V2 won’t betray you, as it has you covered with its impressive dual-braking system. Trust its rear mechanical and front electronic brakes to bring you to a stop safely. Finding a scooter in the same price range with a braking system that spreads control across both wheels is a challenging game with little success.

But wait, there’s more – it’s not just performance. It’s style too. The V2 flaunts a sleek matte black finish highlighted by the GoTrax logo and dashes of red cables. It’s not just a ride; it’s a fashion statement.

Underneath its remarkable exterior, the GXL V2 means business. GoTrax takes the lead in its price range. The frame is built from aerospace-grade aluminium alloy that removes any fear of wear and tear. The deck is spacious and grippy, promising a steady ride. The handlebars, though simple, are comfy and efficient.

The GoTrax GXL V2 promises a cherished memory for many riders as their first venture into the best electric scooters. It’s designed for this purpose – budget-friendly, challenging, and incredibly fun. Its exceptional value earns it the honour of being the undisputed champion in this category.

Best for Adults

General Specification

Brand Segway
Colour Stylish Black
Intended Age Range Designed for Adults
Unique Feature Easy Foldability

Technical Specifications

Weight Limit Supports up to 220 Pounds
Dimensions 45.67 x 16.54 x 46.06 inches
Number of Wheels 2 Wheels
Model Name E45
Wheel Material Medium Durable Rubber
Weight 15400 Grams of Solid Performance

The Good

  • Quick acceleration powered by the 350W motor.
  • Distinctive colour combination.
  • Offers IPX5 water resistance.
  • 9-inch high-elastic traction control tires for a smooth ride
  • Enhanced safety with the triple braking system
  • Features built-in LED lights on the front and rear
  • Achieves a maximum speed of 18.6 mph
  • Impressive range of 28 miles on a single charge
  • Seamlessly integrates with a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.

The Bad

  • Charging takes time.
  • It doesn’t have a specific suspension system.

Why We Recommend It?

Imagine cruising through the bustling streets with an electric scooter that embodies elegance and power. Well, you no longer have to imagine but actually do it with the Ninebot KickScooter E45. This electric scooter promises a remarkable combination of striking design with performance for a truly exceptional urban commuting experience.

Ninebot KickScooter E45 isn’t just a mode of transportation – it’s an exquisite blend of artistic design and cutting-edge engineering. Apart from its charming design and high-performance attributes, the E45 ensures that your journey isn’t just smooth; it’s also exhilarating.

Calling all the adventurers to bid farewell to the old days of flat tires disrupting rides. The E45 is here to be your new friend with its groundbreaking innovation of 9-inch high-elastic non-pneumatic tires. These unique tires have shock absorption capabilities, so you can ride away without worrying about punctures.

Safety is as essential for adults as it is for children. In this model, safety is enhanced with the E45’s Triple Brake System. The magnetic brake technology improves reassurance, ensuring quick and precise stops up to a distance as short as 3.3 feet.

Durability is another key to any successful ride, and the E45 delivers on that front. It has advanced thread-locking technology inspired by high-speed trains. It can run up to a 6213-mile test without any glaring issues.

And, of course, when it comes to the design, it is 10/10 with its vibrant atmospheric lights that elevate both aesthetics and as well as functionality by illuminating your path in low-light conditions.

E45 is ideal for portability as its classic foldable design ensures easy transportation. This electric scooter weighs only around 30 lbs, making storing and carrying it super convenient.

For many riders, the main issue is the battery. However, E45’s premium 18650 power battery and external battery provided a foolproof alternative for the scooters to go up to 28 miles without limitations. This scooter prioritises safety and longevity with the E45’s Smart Battery Management System. Moreover, you no longer have to make your way back home before sunset as the E45’s 2.5W headlamp guides your way, illuminating a distance of up to 44 feet so you can confidently navigate with clarity.

The Ninebot KickScooter E45 stands out in the world of best electric scooters. It is more than just a scooter; it’s a mode of transportation that allows one to embrace the city with flair and confidence. So, if you want to set out on your urban journey, one electrifying ride at a time, nothing can be the incomparable trusted companion as E45.

Best Heavy Rider

General Specification

Brand Xiaomi
Colour Sleek Black
Intended Age Range Designed for Adults
Popular Feature Lightweight and Easily Foldable

Technical Specifications

Weight Limit Up to 200 Pounds
Dimensions 112 x 43 x 113 centimeters (L x W x H)
Number of Wheels 2
Model Name Introducing the Mi Electric Scooter Pro2
Wheel Material Medium Durable Rubber
Frame Material Medium Sturdy Metal Construction for Longevitye

The Good

  • 600W motor.
  • Maximum speed 25 km/h.
  • Long-range battery.
  • Improved KERS for energy efficiency.
  • Multifunctional dashboard.
  • Quick folding.
  • Aerospace-grade aluminium frame.

The Bad

  • Heavier compared to other models.
  • Small wheels affect navigation on uneven surfaces.
  • Design can scrape on sidewalks.

Why We Recommend It?

In the ever-evolving world of technology, Xiaomi’s latest offering, the Pro 2, is a testament to its dedication to innovation. The latest model has a rich history of the M365 Pro, amongst which the Pro 2 emerges as a refined version. Let’s see how:

Xiaomi’s journey of building best electric scooters began with the M365 Pro. This model quickly gained popularity and recognition for its multi-faceted technology. However, the Pro 2 departs from the M365 prestige, confidently taking the spotlight.

Crafted under the umbrella of Xiaomi, the Pro 2 oozes an air of classiness while maintaining a solid figure. Developed by Ninebot, this scooter features a streamlined folding design. The aluminium frame not only lends it a durable foundation but also accommodates a battery that powers an impressive 28-mile range and a maximum speed of 16 mph. With cruise control, E-ABS brakes, front and rear lights, and pneumatic tires, the Pro 2 embraces a comprehensive approach to convenience and safety.

As you unbox the Pro 2, a slight bit of self-assembly awaits – a small endeavour that yields significant benefits. The aluminium frame, both sturdy and foldable, has a quick folding mechanism enhancing the portability of this scooter. However, it is essential to note that it is heavier at 14.2 kg. Still, it becomes a worthy trade-off for its extensive range of benefits.

The Pro 2 displays information regarding speed, battery level, and mode selection – Standard, Pedestrian, or Sport. The integration of essentials like the bell, bike-like brake, and built-in LED light lends a layer of safety, making nighttime rides secure and enjoyable. Furthermore, the exterior of the scooter is decked with reflective elements that boost visibility, ensuring riders can zigzag the streets at night confidently.

If you want to navigate the urban landscape like a breeze, this scooter may be your best bet with its 8.5-inch pneumatic tires. While the absence of a suspension system might raise an eyebrow, the tires effortlessly handle moderately uneven terrains, delivering a smooth and reliable ride. The scooter’s dynamic balance and sturdy motor provide seamless acceleration and braking.

Battery life is pivotal, and the Pro 2’s battery does not disappoint. Mirroring its predecessor, it promises a 28-mile range and a top speed of 16 mph. While achieving the maximum speed might only sometimes be the need of time, the Pro 2’s battery stands out for its longevity, ensuring stable performance over time.

The Xiaomi Pro 2 electric scooter has proven to be a refined masterpiece that takes electric riding to new heights. While it might share some traits with the M365 Pro, it has earned its reputation through thoughtful upgrades.

Why Trust Our Choice?

Wondering why you should trust our choice? Well, if you’re an ambitious rider, then, of course, you’re not here to play games. But let us tell you why we’re your guiding light!

We’ve invested a lot of time, spanning thousands of hours, in testing and evaluating various best electric scooters.

But our approach goes beyond just highlighting the positive aspects. We also make sure to point out any drawbacks or shortcomings. This approach empowers you to make your own informed decisions.

By doing this, we can offer you alternatives and explain which scooters are best suited for different situations or needs. Ultimately, we aim to guide you in discovering the ideal scooter that perfectly matches your preferences and requirements.

Ultimately, we give YOU the tools to be the best judge.

Testing & Analysis

How Did We Choose the Scooters?

We systematically established a solid foundation to assemble a comprehensive compilation of the best electric scooters across various subcategories. Given the extensive number of options, a systematic approach was adopted to ensure the utmost reliability of the selection process. Here’s a glimpse into the comprehensive strategy employed to determine the cream of the crop:

First and foremost, we recognised the pivotal role of user experience. We tapped into the collective wisdom of scooter aficionados and explored their practical encounters. This strategy allowed me to collect invaluable insights into the nuanced performance, features, and overall satisfaction presented by different scooter models.

Then, we went ahead and meticulously curated a database of top contenders for each category. The list of best scooters in each election was anchored in in-depth research and data analysis to ensure only the superior-performing models were enlisted.

Following this step, we turned to the expertise of the scooter community, and a democratic process was initiated. Each category presented a carefully curated roster of the best electric scoots for the community to vote. I made to implement an objective data-driven methodology to lay the groundwork for a transparent points-based system.

The voting was carried out across all categories, followed by a rigorous review process by the scooter experts. These evaluations gave us firsthand experiences, rendering insights into performance, construction quality, safety attributes, and the holistic user journey.

In the end, all the data collected helped decide which electric scooter is the champion in each category.

Furthermore, I wanted to ensure that I accommodate diverse preferences, which is why we also tried to incorporate honourable mentions. All the scooters mentioned in this article have earned a commendation for their notable attributes and exemplary performance within their respective categories.