Two-wheel vehicles are gaining popularity since electric scooters have become more available on the market. You might have been a little surprised to read, but there is a specific way to dress when riding on two wheels, whether a bike or an e-scooter.

You are probably wondering what clothes have anything to do with this, no matter what vehicle you drive. For example, when riding on a scooter or a bike, you need to carry safety gear to ensure maximum protection in case of an accident.

That is why choosing the right e-scooter clothes is essential to the deal. We know some people who have paid gravely for not putting on appropriate attire for the ride. So, prevention is always better and here is what you can do.

5 Tips to Dress for Riding an Electric Scooter

The most important thing to remember is functionality when going on an e-scooter ride and picking out what to wear. Of course, we know style and fashion are of grave importance to most of you. But when it comes to your safety for the ride, it shouldn’t matter.

You need to dress easily and be comfortable with what you’re wearing. This is the only way you can ensure that your clothes won’t hinder your e-scooter and become the sole cause of an unforeseen circumstance.

Here are a few tips when dressing up for riding a scooter.

Never Forget Your Helmet

When it comes to riding on two-wheelers, you can never take wearing a helmet lightly. It isn’t part of your clothing, but a helmet is something you must always wear. You can only provide maximum head and face injuries if you wear a helmet.

We have heard enough horror stories, and it is best if you avoid them. You may be able to avoid the rest of our advice but take this to heart. Also, apart from wearing a helmet, you must choose the correct helmet for e-scooters.

There are tons of options available for you to choose from.

Avoid Wearing Anything That May Get Stuck

Never make the mistake of wearing anything that may cause hindrance to your ride. This may include wearing long skirts, baggy pants, long dresses or anything that may get stuck in the wheels of the scooter.

You must cover your body enough, so it doesn’t touch the floor when scooting around. Also, avoid wearing shirts with long or baggy sleeves that may interfere with the braking system or get stuck on the handles.

It may be challenging when you’re riding and can even become the cause of accidents.

Choose Appropriate Footwear

Flip-flops, sandals and even sneakers won’t be appropriate footwear for riding an electric scooter. This is because these shoes don’t offer maximum protection and support during the ride. Plus, in case of an accident, lack of foot protection can cause a painful fracture that you must avoid in any case.

So, instead, you should put on ankle boots or joggers that offer maximum protection against injuries. You can choose from various full footwear and always wear it when riding an e-scooter.

Also, if you’re wearing joggers, ensure your laces are tied tightly. You don’t want to end up stumbling over your own feet.

Avoid Wearing Accessories

This is optional depending on your preference. But we think avoiding wearing accessories when scooting is a good idea.

Accessories like earrings, finger rings, and necklaces may not disrupt your ride, but they can cause an injury in case of an accident. However, anything you wear on your hands, like bangles, wrist watches, or rings, may make navigating the scooter difficult.

Bangles can get stuck in the handlebars, and rings can start to irritate your mid-ride, so it would be better if you could avoid wearing such jewellery.

Wear Eye Protection

Scooters aren’t covered like vehicles, so you don’t get wind or dust protection. In addition, it can become problematic if you’re riding and something gets stuck in your eyes. So, wear eye protection like masks or glasses to ensure your vision doesn’t get blurred.

You can also choose a full-face helmet to avoid wearing a different eye mask. Look for scooter helmets that cover your head, face, and eyes for added protection.

Final Verdict

So, these are some tips for e-scooter clothes that can help you ensure maximum protection against unforeseen circumstances.

You just need to ensure that whatever you’re putting on won’t compromise your functionality while riding a scooter. You should be comfortable in your choice of clothing, and it shouldn’t hinder your ride.