Want to travel to the nearest shopping district without paying insane fuel charges? Your e-scooter will help you get to your destination without breaking the bank each time.

Gas prices are rising due to global instability, and it’s only logical that you start looking for a cheaper and more sustainable alternative for travel. Urban cities are adapting to the e-scooter lifestyle, and it’s the best way forward.

An e-scooter is light, fully automatic, and fun. Can it get any better? Keep reading to know if you can also use it as a traditional kickstart ride.

E-scooters: New-Age Transportation

E-scooters are all the range in the UK. They are easy to use and environmentally friendly, and you don’t have to pay much for their value. Want to go for a coffee run? Your e-scooter won’t disappoint you.

And the best part? You don’t have to buy excessive amounts to fill in gas. Instead, just put it in a power outlet for a few hours, and you’re good to go.

Can you manually push an electric scooter?

In simple terms, yes, you can manually push an electric scooter. But the answer is not that simple. Users can shift an e-scooter from an automatic-machine powered bike to a manually-pushed machine, but it’s not always a wise thing to do.

Once you turn off your engine and disengage the motor, you can use it as a regular kick-push bike. It can be beneficial in the short run but imagine pushing a 24-50 lb machine for a long distance. It is highly impractical, tiring, and may cause slight drag.

Best electric scooters are made to work on motors and batteries, so naturally, anything that disturbs the native structure and function can also hurt your scooter in the long run. So, it’s wise to keep your travel buddy fully charged and ready to go.

But mishaps can happen anytime because an average e-scooter will run around 25 miles on one battery. Hence, if you’re ever stranded in the middle of the street with a dead scooter pushing it manually can help you. But remember that it’s an emergency fix; you shouldn’t do it often, as most companies advise against manually moving their e-scooters.

Some of the reasons why you might shift to manual pushing your e-scooter can include the following:

  • A dead battery
  • Electronic defects
  • Braking issues
  • Slippery surfaces
  • Rain
  • Loose handle

Disadvantages of manual pushing

Most E-scooters run on Li-ion batteries, which quickly degrade and become worn out. On average, your E-scooters battery will lose half its health in one year of rigorous use.

In this scenario, using the e-machine manually can seem a good idea to converse battery life, but that doesn’t stand true. Mentioned below are some of the reasons why you should avoid this practice and opt for the correct use of your scooter:

1. Tiring Job

Your e-scooter is not equivalent to a traditional bike, nor it’s built like one. Electric machines are usually heavier and more significant than their non-electric counterparts. This makes manually operating an e-scooter impractical and a highly tiring and challenging job.

Putting in much exertion to move a scooter can distract a rider. As a result, you may risk running into an accident or losing balance. In addition, most E-scooters’ deck is too high, or their motors may cause disturbance while you try to push yourself forward.

2. Scooter’s Structure

Did you know that your e-scooters wheels are directly connected to the electric motor? Unfortunately, they don’t have a neutral mode, which means when it’s switched off, you’ll face more resistance while pushing it and can risk damaging the parts.

Also, the tires of your e-bike will receive different pressure while riding manually and electrically. As the wheels and tires are designed for the pressure exerted when the motors run, a manual force can wear them out faster.

3. Warranty Claims

Most manufacturers advise conventionally using e-scooters. However, manually pushing a scooter requires the rider to constantly keep one foot on the ground, which is dangerous. Additionally, if you constantly ride your e-bike by manual force, it can get the warranty cancelled or voided.

Final word!

So, the more straightforward answer to whether you can manually push an electric scooter depends on the type of scooter and your needs. A hybrid or dual e-bike can be used as a simple push-scooter, but a heavier electric scooty would cause problems. Nonetheless, your journey will be long and tiring if you keep moving the bike rather than letting it do its job.