We think it is self-explanatory how essential lights are when you’re traveling at night. Whether driving a car or riding a scooter, lights are imperative to ensure you don’t miss something on the road during pitch darkness.

This makes them an essential vehicle part that you cannot overlook. So, how much do you know about electric scooter lights and their functionality? Let’s find out.

Electric Scooter Lights

Are you wondering if electric scooters have lights or not in the first place? Yes, they do. All adult electric scooters, whether electric or otherwise, come with lights. They may include;

  • LED bar lights
  • Headlights
  • Reflectors
  • Brake lights
  • Turn signals

The number of lights an electric scooter features varies from model to model. Some e-scooters only come with LED bar lights and headlights, while some may feature reflectors and brake lights.

You can choose an e-scooter depending on your requirement. Some people are okay with headlights alone, while some require brake lights and turn lights for efficient driving. It’s all about preference and riding style.

Different Types of E-Scooter Lights

Let’s dig deep into the details of all the lights we mentioned above.

Front Headlight

This is the leading light on any scooter integrated at the pole’s top, middle, or bottom. The headlight or front light is the most critical light on a scooter. Driving a scooter that doesn’t have a working headlight is illegal in some regions, and you can be fined for it.

  • The headlight has two functions,
  • Enhances the rider’s visibility on the road
  • Let the incoming vehicles know about your presence

Without a headlight, you are essentially blind on the road. It will be challenging for the rider to make of what is coming their way without the main headlight, especially if it is pitched darkness.

Brake Lights

Brake lights are also referred to as rear lights and are usually red. But in some of the latest electric scooter models, these lights are yellow, so they vary.

These lights are usually integrated into the deck or fender of the electric scooter. The function of brake lights is to alert the driver on your back every time you slow down so they can drive following your actions.

Some electric scooters also have taillights that remain on all the time. So even though brake lights are essential for a safe driving experience, due to the design of an e-scooter, they are not as efficient as they should be.

The better thing to do is to hang an LED light on your back when riding at night, so the vehicles at your back know about your presence.

LED Light Bar

The LED light bar is usually installed on the side of the scooter pole or board. It is an efficient way to inform the people on the road about your location. But for most scooter enthusiasts, it is just a piece of decoration.

Some people even go for customized LED light bars because it adds a personalized touch to the e-scooters.

Turn Signal

The turn signals are another set of lights installed on the e-scooter, usually on either side of the deck. Right now, these signals aren’t widespread in electric scooters, but as more manufacturers dive into this industry, we see new improvements, and turn signals are among them.

These signals are usually orange in color, and you can control them with a switch every time you turn.

Safety Tips for Riding Electric Scooter at Night

Several scooter riders enjoy going for rides in the evening or at night due to the calm scenery they experience. But riding at night is never safe, especially if your scooter doesn’t have a headlight. So here are a few safety tips that you can use.

  • Always put on your protective gear.
  • Check your scooter’s tires, battery, lights, and brakes before you go for the ride.
  • Always follow the traffic rules for a safe road experience.
  • Never drive too fast.
  • Keep your headlights on.
  • Be extra cautious during dawn and dusk when the light is dim.
  • Stay alert on the road and watch out for other vehicles.
  • Choose safe roads when riding at night.

Final Verdict

Electric scooter lights are an essential vehicle component and shouldn’t be compromised, especially if you plan to use the scooter at night. Always ensure your headlight is in working order before heading out at night.

You can always replace the headlight if needed. All significant parts of your electric scooter function via your battery. So, you must ensure it is fully charged when you’re going for a ride.