If you’ve had an electric scooter for more than five years, you must consider letting it go. Old and worn-out vehicles are a potential safety risk, so you should be wary of that. When you’ve decided to get a new bike for your needs, you need to take care of the old one.

Being careless in disposing of electric machines can have dire consequences, so you must be informed about the proper ways. In this article, we’ve listed down ways to get rid of old e-scooter safely.

Keep reading to know more about your electric scooter’s safety instructions and recycling regulations.

E-scooter’s Life

An average entry-level scooter will last around 3-5 years before it starts wearing down. If you take extra care and maintain your bike, it can last even longer. So, being vigilant is essential.

But, like any other machine, an electric scooter is a disposable item that will get old as time passes. So when you can no longer use the bike safely, you must dispose of it with care and attention.

Unfortunately, not many people know the importance of that. If you’re careless in the process, you can put lives at risk. E-scooter batteries are highly flammable, and improper disposal can cause mishaps.

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Electric scooter disposal – Tips and Tricks

Here are some easy ways to get rid of an old e-scooter.

Recycling Center

The easiest way to dispose of an e-scooter you no longer use is to visit a dedicated recycling centre. It is because trying to recycle your old machine in a standard recycling container in a local centre. E-scooters are highly combustible, so it’s vital to them dispose of them through a proper process.


If you’re unsure where to take your bike, you can research local regulations of the process in your city. Most cities across the UK have dedicated recycling centres specialising in machines and electronics, including e-scooters. So, always look up the nearest place and read their terms and conditions before making a trip.


It’s important to note that these centres might charge you a small fee for the recycling process so keep that in mind before you visit the centre.


Contact the Manufacturer

Did you know that most big e-scooter manufacturers have their recycling plants now? So, depending on the model and manufacturer name, you can get your electric scooter disposed of through the parent company.


You can contact the bike manufacturer to get more information about the programs and whether they are available in your locality. These services are usually free; you can even get packing boxes without charges to send off your old scooter.


Luckily, many major companies partner up with local recycling plants in case they don’t have their own, so you can get your old bike disposed of without paying any fee.


Sell it Online

If you want to dispose of your old scooter that is still in working condition, you can opt to sell it. This is if the condition of your electric scooter is not unusable.


You can look at many websites online to advertise your scooter. Some of them can be:


  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Craigslist
  • eBay


You can even use Facebook groups and TikTok to tell people about your bike. Always list the features and conditions honestly to prevent issues later. You can also significantly discount your scooter to speed up the selling process.


Many people are looking for old machines to help in testing purposes or recycling them, so you’re sure to make some bucks while getting rid of the scooter at the same time.

Get it Repaired

Disposing of your e-bike improperly can not only be detrimental to the environment but also affect people. So, you must opt for a proper way of getting rid of old stuff, especially the ones that include batteries and machinery.

One easy way to go forward is to get your e-scooter repaired. If your vehicle is not that old, you can opt to get the damaged parts changed. It will quickly give you a few more years of use out of the scooter.


Additionally, you can visit a certified repair centre for a thorough check. Once you repair the scooter, you can continue using or selling it off for a profit.



Conserving the environment is the utmost duty of every citizen. If you opt for a proper channel to dispose of old machines, you will not only help the local authorities but will also play your part in helping nature.