Don’t we all have the wish to cruise with our e-scooters to the nearby coffee shop after dusk sets in? Indeed scooter lovers will find this intriguing. But things are not as easy as they seem.

Travelling after sunset can become tricky, especially if your mode of transport is an electric scooter which is considered a bit risky. In addition, you can easily be caught in a mishap if you’re not vigilant enough during your ride.

So, we have rounded down some straightforward tips to make your ride joyful and safe. Keep reading to find out all about riding at night.

Night Driving

Driving after sunset is different from cruising on a bright sunny day. According to the National Highway Administration, you’re three times more likely to have a fatal accident at night than during the day.

So, night rides always require extra precautions, especially if you plan to take out your e-scooter. But, if you keep the tips in mind, you can have a safe ride at night on your electric vehicle. Head to the next section to know more.

How to Ride Your E-scooter at Night

If you want to ride your electric scooter at night, you must be vigilant and prepped for the journey. It can get tricky if the terrain is dark and bumpy, so taking extra precautions is necessary.

Here are some helpful tips that’ll aid you in having a smooth night’s travel with your e-scooter.

1. Use Head Lights

One of the most significant risks of riding your e-scooter at night is that you may not be visible to other drivers. This is especially true if the terrain is also dark and your bike has minimal lights. Therefore, the easiest way to plan your night travel is to ensure your e-scooter is adequately lit.

Some e-scooters do come with built-in lights and other features, but in any case, you can easily find some lights for night riding. If you own an older model with inadequate lighting features, this will help you tremendously.

Here are some fantastic options to light up your e-scooter well:

  • Use LED strips on the deck of the scooter
  • Get wing lights
  • Choose a bright headlight
  • You can also opt for a brake light

2. Wear light reflecting costume

Wearing a reflective costume is crucial if you travel on your e-scooter at night. It will help the other drivers to know that you’re coming. A reflective suit can also be helpful if your e-scooters’ leading lights suddenly stop working.

Alternatively, you can attach reflective tape or reflectors to your outfit. Here are some great options for doing that:

  • Reflective stickers
  • Reflective vests
  • Reflective headgear

This is an extra precaution to ensure that your night journey remains safe.

3. Use safety gear

This one says that wearing proper safety gear is imperative whether you ride your e-scooter during the day or at night. Statistics show that wearing a safety helmet decreases the risk of head injury by over 50% if you face an accident.

In addition, you should invest in some high-quality knee and elbow pads to keep yourself secure.

4. Stay Vigilant

The fatality rate of bike accidents is 30 times higher than car accidents as they are less secure. Furthermore, this figure can go higher if we compare night travel rather than the day. Therefore, you must be vigilant while riding your e-scooter, especially after sunset.

Keep your headphones away while riding; they can limit your ability to hear other cars and horns. Also, keep your phone turned off to prevent distraction. Lastly, keep the scooter’s speed slow so the risk of running into a mishap is low.

5. Keep your e-scooter maintained

Maintaining your e-scooter and its condition is important whether you travel during the day or after sunset. It will ensure that you reach your destination without any unforeseen problems. If you get a mechanical issue at night, it can get harder to find help.

So, always keep the motors, tyres, and bike maintained and ready to go.

6. Charge the battery

The last important tip is to keep your e-scooter fully charged. Most best electric scooters use Li-ion batteries, so caring for them is essential to elongate their life. If you constantly overcharge your scooter, it can wear down the batteries sooner.

So, always read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them for a better and healthier battery.

In conclusion

Night travels using an e-scooter can seem scary, but proper precautions and care will ensure you enjoy your sunset journey. E-scooters are also environmentally friendly, so it’s a good idea to take them out whenever possible. Keep the basic but essential tips in mind, and you’re ready to take a joyful night’s journey with your travel buddy.