It has been around 3-years since the world went under complete lockdown. Although there was mass suffering due to the pandemic, we still saw a glimmer of blessing in disguise as it helped our environment improve.

With no transport, industries closed; there weren’t any harmful emissions. As a result, according to various reports, the earth’s environment has substantially improved.

However, now that restrictions have been lifted and lives are returning to how they were, the environment has begun to suffer again.

During the first six months of 2021, a few UK cities, including Birmingham and Bath, launched Clean Air Zones (CAZ). This program aimed at reducing the levels of harmful toxins in the air by limiting the use of engine transports in the city’s busiest areas.

If you’re living in these areas where CAZ is being charged, opting for an electric scooter can be an efficient way to escape these additional charges.

Clean Air Zones and What Does It Mean?

Various studies have shown that gas emissions from a wide range of transport can harm the environment. It only depletes the ozone layer, but harmful toxins such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and other gases also affect the lungs and heart.

These toxins also invoke conditions such as emphysema, asthma, and lung cancer; if not controlled in time, they can devastate the general population.

Suppose the UK’s government takes necessary measures and brings the pollution level down according to the guidelines given by WHO. In that case, they can prevent at least 17,000 deaths related to the country’s respiratory diseases.

According to studies, if children are exposed to nitrogen dioxide for the long term, they can become terminally ill from asthma. In addition, NO2 exposure can cause dementia and heart-related diseases in adults.

Reducing toxins in the air isn’t just to ensure a better environment or improved health. But it also amplifies the quality of life and prevents diseases.

Implementation of CAZ

The CAZ is currently being implemented in a few cities in the UK. However, the kingdom is required to meet these requirements for a better quality of life and has failed to do so in the past.

This is why the government of the UK has asked the local authorities to comply in this regard and figure out an action plan to reduce air pollution in the country.

Clean Air Zones were launched and are currently observed in various cities. Birmingham and Bath were the first cities to implement CAZ during the first 6-months of 2021. Since then, the list of cities has also includes

  • Bradford
  • Manchester
  • Bristol
  • Newcastle
  • Sheffield
  • Portsmouth.

Liverpool is also considering implementing CAZ soon along with London.

Impact of CAZ on General Public

After conceiving all this information, you might wonder how it affects you. For example, you will be charged every time you enter a Clean Air Zone if your transport doesn’t comply with pollution regulations.

The charges vary depending on where you reside and which car you own. For a cab or regular vehicle, the charge may range from £8-12.50, and it can go as high as £100 for a commercial vehicle if you run a business.

Also, if you have to go to a CAZ, you must book with your car’s registration number beforehand. If you enter a CAZ without prior booking, then you will be charged £100. The acceptable charges are also higher if you own a commercial vehicle.

So if you own traditional vehicles that run on diesel or gasoline, then you will have to pay this amount to enter Clean Air Zones.

Avoid CAZ Charges with an Electric Scooter

Now that you know what CAZ charges are, you’re probably wondering how you can avoid them. Well, the answer is simple. You can avoid CAZ charges with an electric scooter.

An e-scooter is the most effective solution for riders who want to save money and travel independently wherever they want. Of course, you can also purchase an electric car, but electric scooters are less expensive and don’t have high-maintenance costs.

Most CAZs are currently operating rental electric scooters, but if you’d like to avoid these rentals, you can always get your electric scooter and go wherever you want.

Final Verdict

So, the answer to the initial question is yes; you can avoid CAZ charges with an electric scooter. These scooters are eco-friendly and have zero emissions. It keeps your environment safe from harmful toxins and provides a comfortable commuting option.

So, if you’d like to avoid CAZs, getting an e-scooter is perhaps your most convenient solution.