Although electric scooters are durable, they do have a lifespan. Only a few years have since these eco-friendly scooters were made available to the public. While some people instantly fell in love with them, others were sceptical.

But no matter what you think, chances are you’re still interested in knowing how long electric scooters last. And if you’re considering buying one, it becomes all the more imperative that you know how long it is going to survive to assess whether it is a safe purchase or not.

Average Lifespan of Electric Scooters

The lifespan of electric scooters varies from model to model. However, personal electric scooters do last longer than public shared e-scooters. This is because personally owned electric scooters are well taken care of. In addition, people like to maintain their vehicles to enhance their performance.

Whereas publicly shared e-scooters have to endure severe wear and tear, they are not well-maintained and run out of battery sooner than expected.

If we measure the lifespan of both scooters on an average scale, the shared fleet of e-scooters usually lasts from 9-18 months. As for the performance of a personal scooter, it begins to drain after 2-years of consistent use.

However, if you take care of your scooter and maintain it well, you can make it last up to 3-years before it finally gives up.

The lifespan of Different Parts of an Electric Scooter

Electric scooters begin to disintegrate over time. It’s not like you woke up one day and found your electric scooter completely drained or dead. When people ask how long electric scooters last, they are essentially asking how long the components of the e-scooter stay in working order.

An e-scooter will lose its efficiency when its internal components start disintegrating one by one. This can happen over months, and if you ignore the maintenance, your e-scooter will eventually give up.

Here are the parts of scooters that die down early.


Most of the latest electric scooters in the market run on lithium-ion batteries. These have a battery lifespan than lead-acid and nickel-metal hydrated batteries. But you still cannot be careless with them because they are much more robust. You have to ensure these batteries are handled with care.

Two things determine a battery’s lifespan,

  • The charge cycle
  • Manner of usage

Like your phone, e-scooter batteries also have a charged number of cycles determining their lifespan. Unfortunately, every time the battery runs out of energy, it loses one of its cycles, which depletes its efficacy.

If it continues to lose its charge cycle, the battery will become weaker and eventually die down entirely. Also, if you’re riding on your scooter in the rain or recklessly, it can damage battery efficiency.


Electric scooter tires are very prone to damage. Frequent punctures and damaged tubes can drain its life sooner than you think.


According to some frequent users of electric scooters, their handlebars are also very prone to damage. This is because the latch can sustain damage very quickly, making it difficult to last. This problem is more familiar with ride-share scooters.

Tips to Enhance the Lifespan of Your Scooter

Now that you know which parts of your scooter are more prone to damage, here is what you can do to prevent that.

Ride carefully

Every e-scooter has a limited range, even with high-end specifications. So don’t push your scooter’s limits; try to ride it as carefully as you can. Always check your tires for punctures, air, slashers and anything that may cause its integrity to fail during the ride.

Never Drain Your Battery Completely

If you’d like to enhance the lifespan of your battery, never let it reach a level of zero. It will deplete the battery of its energy, thus affecting its lifespan. Instead, charge your battery when it still has 10-40% charge, so it never runs out.

Proper Maintenance

Keep your bike clean at all times. However, electric scooters don’t require regular maintenance. But taking it to the repair shop every couple of months won’t hurt, and you can make the most out of it.

Final Verdict

So, we hope we have answered all of your queries about how long an electric scooter lasts. But, of course, you have nothing to lose if you maintain your e-scooter properly and ride carefully.

Shared electric scooters have a short lifespan as compared to personal e-scooters. But you can enhance it only if you’re careful enough with your e-scooter. Keep it clean, always check your tires before heading out, and you’re good.