Electric scooters have become a popular mode of transportation for adventurous travellers, but they are not as common as e-bikes. When an electric scooter becomes dirty in everyday use, users are not only unsure whether it can be cleaned up with water, but they are also concerned about unexpectedly damaging parts when cleaning it on their own. Continue reading to find out how to clean your electric scooter.

Why Do You Need to Clean Your E-Scooter?

Most owners are unsure of the numerous advantages they stand to gain by cleaning their e-scooters. The following are some of the most important reasons to clean your electric scooter.

  • One reason you should clean your e-scooter regularly is to improve productivity. A clean electric scooter will operate because it is free of dirt and dust.
  • Cleaning your scooter will also increase its sturdiness. The good news is that your scooter will continue to perform admirably for many years.

If you don’t clean your scooter, it will lose quality and durability. A dirty e-scooter is prone to wear and tear due to friction. A muddy e-scooter is also unappealing to the eye. It is recommended that you clean your e-scooter every two weeks. However, if it is raining or covered in dust, wash it within a few days.

What Cleaning Supplies Do You Need?

Before you begin, keep in mind to get all of the necessary cleaning materials. When you have all of the needed cleaning supplies on hand before you begin, the cleaning process will be smooth and easy. You will need the following items to complete the task:

  • Organise clean and soapy water in different pails. For best results, use lukewarm water.
  • Before you start, make sure that you have a soft sponge on hand.
  • Another essential item is a soft brush. If you don’t have a cleaning brush, use an old toothbrush.
  • Disposable clothes and drying clothes will also come in handy during the cleaning process.
  • A lubricant such as WD40, oil, or Vaseline spray

How to Clean Your Electric Scooter

Even if it appears to be a simple task, washing an e-scooter can be difficult. The incredible thing is that if you follow these guidelines on how to clean your electric scooter, you will be able to wash your e-scooter correctly:

1. Start by Cleaning the Dust off Your E-scooter.

The first solution is to eliminate any dust from the e-scooter before washing it. To dust off the scooter, you’ll need a dusting fabric or piece of cloth. Cleaning the dust off your scooter will enable you to inspect it for visible damage and scrapes. Eliminate larger dirt with your hand if your scooter is extremely dirty.

2. Ensure That Your Electronics Will Not Get Wet

The next step is to avoid water entering the motor or battery while cleaning. If you miss this process, your electric scooter will break down.

3. Clean the Body With Soapy Water

To prevent damage to your e-scooter, use lukewarm water for this process. If you use abrasive soap to clean your scooter, it will severely affect the paint. Begin by cleaning the handles, fork, lights, and deck. For the time being, leave the tyres and wheels off.

4. Brush It Up

After you’ve rinsed or washed your e-scooter with soapy water, it’s time to brush it carefully. Electric scooters can get filthy, mainly if they’ve been off-roading. As a result, it’s essential to take the time to brush the dirt and stains that have accumulated in your scooter’s tyres, deck, and other parts.

When cleaning, it’s a good idea to have two jugs of water on the side. One is full of clean water, while the other is full of soapy water. You can wash the sponge after cleaning your electric scooter by dipping it in soapy water. It will keep dirt from adhering to the sponge.

Use a small long brush to remove tough dirt or reach hard-to-reach areas. Use it to brush the small hole in your wheels as well. It is also a better moment to check your e-scooter for any damage as you scrub it down carefully.

5. Start Cleaning The Wheels

Apply the soapy water to the tyres and wheels with a soft sponge. You can also use the brush to get into areas that a sponge cannot.

6. Rinse Quickly

After brushing the scooter with a soft brush, rinse it with clean water. Leaving soap on the scooter for an extended period will destroy the paint and end up leaving unsightly spots.

7. Rinse and Pat Dry

When you’re done brushing the dirt off your e-scooter, quickly rinse off the soap before it gets dry. Or else, the soap may leave residue on your e-scooter. Prevent having all of the ports and electrical components wet.

After that, using a microfiber cloth or a full-sized clean cloth, dry your scooter. To prevent catching water on the ports and electricals, completely dry it off. Also, never use a blow dryer because it could throw water into the electricals and heat the circuit.

Lastly, as a finishing touch, apply lubricant. It will preserve the paint and make your e-scooter look brand new.

Why Is It Necessary to Clean Your E-Scooter?

A clean scooter certainly looks a lot better. Everything glows, and it appears to be almost brand new. Performance should be if the look isn’t a top priority for you. Maintaining your e-scooter clean can help you to:

  • Reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs.
  • Assist in ensuring the scooter’s dependability.
  • Many electrical or other performance hazards can be eliminated.

Cleaning a scooter doesn’t take much time, even though it does necessitate some manual labour on your portion.

How Often Should a Scooter Be Cleaned?

This is a common question, particularly among first-time scooter owners. Washing your motorcycle at least once every two weeks is a good idea. Enthusiasts will do it at least once a week, if not more often. Aim to do it as soon as possible since washing your scooter later in the day gets more difficult as the light fades. You’re more inclined to overlook dirt smears and streaks.

How Can You Make an E-scooter Last Longer?

Take as much care of your scooter as you can to get through it. Read the directions in the handbook that came with it. The producers know everything there is to know regarding their scooters, and their suggestion is always sensible. You must clean it regularly, and the maintenance routine should follow.

Follow the proper scooter battery guidelines, and don’t let your battery discharge completely. Try not to abuse it by riding at top speed all the time or trying to push it up incredibly steep hills. Riding slowly will help you avoid fatal crashes and accidents, which can easily damage or break your scooter. At least once a year, consider taking it to a technician for a diagnostics check.