If you need a quick way to get around the neighbourhood while it’s raining, a waterproof electric scooter might be just what you need. These electric scooter devices appear suitable for essential short-distance transportation, especially given how difficult it is to distance yourself from public transportation socially. However, choosing the best waterproof electric scooter for you is essential – it’s a significant investment, so you should keep in mind these considerations before buying the best electrical scooter you need.

Best Waterproof Electric Scooter In The Market

There are numerous water-resistant electric scooters accessible. Many of them can often withstand riding through some rainfall quite well, making them extremely handy when you need to attend to a significant matter nearby with heavy rain and no public transportation available. Here are some of the best waterproof electric scooters available on the market.

1. Pure Air Go Electric Scooter

Pure Electric is one of the leading manufacturers of e-scooters. They have a vast range of scooters. Out of all these, The Pure Air Go e-scooter is their lightest one.

Being a super light scooter means it’s excellent for everyday commuting. Also, it folds super quickly as well. That plus the lightweight together make a great combination, so no breaking your back if you have to carry it.

Storage and transportation are two things you no longer have to worry about.

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Brand Pure Electric
Top Speed 15.5 mph
Charge Time 3.5 Hours
Weight 35 lbs
Max Load 265 lbs

Technical Specification

Battery Type 5.2 Ah Lithium-ion battery
Battery Power 187.2 Wh
Range 12.4 miles
IP Rating IP65
Suitable for? Rain, urban terrain, wet roads, puddles

Pure Electric has produced a well-rounded scooter, given all the neat features of the Pure Air Go scooter. It’s designed for all sorts of riding conditions. It can handle the occasional bumps on the road and be manoeuvred smoothly.

It’s a super stylish scooter with a Smart multi-functional display. A bonus point is that there is also an app compatible with Android and iOS. Now, you can get all your riding data anywhere and anytime.

This one’s a top-rated option for those nighttime rides. Given its bright front and back LED lights and reflectors, you get an added layer of safety while riding in the dark. You’ll be illuminated, reducing the chances of unfortunate accidents.

It also features a high-class, water-resistant chassis. For added comfort, the handlebar features foam grips. Its 10-inch puncture-resistant tires are attached to its pneumatic wheels, providing exceptional safety features.

It also features a set of built-in mudguards, so your tires won’t collect any nasty gunk. A great safety feature is the scooter’s strong steel frame.

As for the brakes, you get two sets. The front Drum brakes and the rear Electronic KERS are designed to ensure you come to a smooth and swift stop every time.

If you want a smooth ride, you’ll need the best motors in the business. This scooter comes with a heavy-duty 350W motor. In hindsight, it might not sound like much. But it’s just the right amount to travel around the city.

The Pure Air Go scooter is impressive for new riders. It meets the highest quality standards of the market and provides the best real-world performance. With a maximum load-bearing capacity of 265 lbs, you can ride it easily without safety concerns.

Apart from the physical safety, the manufacturers have ensured their customers have safe purchasing.

This means you can benefit from Pure Electric service benefits and get a comprehensive year-long warranty. If you live in the UK, the good news is you can also find replacement parts from within the country.

The Go is a great scooter if you’re looking for something on a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality. It’s simple, convenient and easy to use.

It’s suitable for you even if you have no previous experience.

2. Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter – Second Generation

Pure Electric’s scooter range is awe-inspiring all over. They’ve got scooters for all kinds of riders. However, another one of its stand-out e-scooters is the Second Generation Pure Air Pro electric scooter.

Air Pro is Pure Electric’s best-selling scooter, and there are some great reasons behind it.

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Brand Pure Electric
Top Speed 15.5 mph
Charge Time 6 Hours
Weight 37 lbs
Max Load 265 lbs

Technical Specification

Battery Type 14.4 Ah Lithium-ion battery
Battery Power 518.4Wh
Range 31 miles
IP Rating IP65
Suitable for? Off-road use, urban terrain, rain, muddy puddles

Like the Air Go e-scooter, the Air Pro scooter features a lightweight design (only 37 lbs). Travelling short to medium distances daily is a fantastic option, especially for university students and the office.

The city’s traffic can be a huge pain. The Air Pro scooter can run up to 15.5 mph. Plus, there’s no chance you’ll be getting stuck in a traffic jam on a scooter. Nor will you have to waste time waiting at the subway or a bus stop.

If you still prefer public transport, your scooter can accompany you. With its sleek and sophisticated design, the only attention you’ll be drawing will be of the good kind.

The scooter offers high stability with wider handlebars. The deck is more expansive than most scooters for more stability and comfort. You can move around and get a larger surface area, making it even more stable.

It’s a robust design in terms of both functionality and appearance. The manufacturers have given it a 710 W (peak) motor and a great battery to match it. One unique feature of the scooter is charging your battery whenever you hit the brakes.

Need to accelerate again? Just gradually use the thumb press.

The brakes are Drum brakes and will charge your scooter while braking. Drum brakes don’t catch a lot of dirt and debris, keeping you safe from unwanted wear and tear.

It’s also designed to be an all-year-round ride. Even with some rain outside, you can ride it without stressing about ruining your scooter.

If you have to take your scooter for repairs, the manufacturers have designed it so it’s easy to repair.

The Air Pro scooter has three riding speeds to allow users more control over their riding experience. The scooter is all about riding and being sustainable. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity.

Even for the security of the scooter, the manufacturers have added a layer of digital safety. If you have the Pure App, you can lock your scooter with a PIN code and keep it more secure.

Its wheels are tubeless and can climb an inclination of up to 19 degrees. This is a decent number, given you’ll very rarely encounter a steeper slope on urban terrain.

With its powerful motor, you’ll never again struggle uphill. Whether it’s a flyover or a railway bridge, you won’t have to put in your energy.

3. Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter

Xiaomi has made a name for itself in electronics worldwide owing to its products’ quality and affordability.

Within the e-scooter market, their M365 electric scooter doesn’t disappoint. In 2019, it was one of the best/selling scooters in the UK and internationally.

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Brand Xiaomi
Top Speed 12.4 mph
Charge Time 5-6 Hours
Weight 26 lbs
Max Load 220 lbs

Technical Specification

Battery Type 5.1 Ah Lithium-ion battery
Battery Power 183.6 Wh
Range 12.4 miles
IP Rating IP54
Suitable for? Urban terrain, off-road use

Its compact foldable design makes it one of the most convenient e-scooters.

The build quality is also commendable. It’s not just a beautiful scooter; little details like its texture allow phenomenal grip. This scooter’s cute and handy feature is that it has a little bell attached to the handlebar.

The deck is reinforced with a rubber mat to ensure you don’t slip. The cool part is it’s also a great feature from a cleaning perspective. It’s a basic yet well-balanced scooter.

You might want to start with this one if you’re a beginner.

The Xiaomi scooter offers three different speed modes. You can drive in eco, normal or sports mode, depending on how fast you want to go. At the normal mode, the ride has more of a cruising feel.

The eco mode is the best for energy saving and getting the most mileage out of your scooter.

With the typical (cruise) mode, you can go as fast as 11.1 mph. But for a more adventurous ride and to reach the highest possible speed, switch to the Sports mode.

The Xiaomi scooter is compatible with the Xiaomi mobile App. The App will let you view all your riding details. From the number of miles you’ve travelled to even the tiniest details.

With disk brakes, you get excellent protection from sudden stop hazards, and its pneumatic wheels add comfort. You can drive it off-road or on-road.

Xiaomi M365  can also very quickly tackle inclines of up to 40%. Granted it doesn’t look like much but travelling within the city, you won’t face any significant problems.

The best thing about M365 is that, unlike other e-scooters, its parts are easier to come by. You can choose from a variety of options and can choose whichever suits you best economically.

This e-scooter can also be adapted for people with limited mobility. There’s a possibility to mount a seat to the scooter. If you have a disability or don’t enjoy standing and riding, it’s a good alternative.

It works well even at night, featuring a bright front and decent rear light. All these perks make the Xiaomi M365 a well-rounded scooter that checks all the boxes.

It’s a great basic starter e-scooter that anyone can get a hang of. Plus it’s not too expensive. If you want a decent e-scooter without taking a loan, M365 is a great contender.


You know a scooter will be great if Micheal Sha designs it. The Nami Burn-E electric scooter has earned the Nami Viper nickname.

It has a rugged industrial design to capture that mountain bike aesthetic, and supreme quality materials surround all the delicate machinery.

Even the handlebars have a similar vibe with chunky bike-like grips.

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Brand Nami Electric
Top Speed 60 mph
Charge Time 12 Hours
Weight 103 lbs
Max Load 265 lbs

Technical Specification

Battery Type 32 Ah Lithium-ion battery
Battery Power 2304 Wh
Range 93 miles
IP Rating IP55 and IP65
Suitable for? Urban areas, off-road use, rain

The Nami Viper is a mighty scooter. This means it also needs to be super safe. This is where the 11*4 inch tires come in for adding stability. The motor packs a punch of 3000 W. This powerful motor also means you’ll be accelerating super fast.

Just a bit of acceleration, and you’ll be flying. The scooter features hydraulic disk brakes to balance the equation and ensure stopping safety.

The suspension plays a huge part in a smooth and seamless ride, even in the roughest terrains. For this scooter, the front and back suspensions are made of 165mm length KKE hydraulic coil shock with rebound adjustment.

Even the horn matches the vibe. It’s loud but not high-pitched. This means you’ll be heard without being annoying.

The deck is surrounded by an LED strip for improved visibility for the user and other drivers/riders in the vicinity. The 2000-lumen front LED lights will make riding as convenient as during the day. Plus, the LED strips also switch colours, and you can give an indicator to make a turn.

The deck itself is super sturdy. Using such materials makes the scooter a bit heavy, but there’s always a compromise to make. Plus, the back of the deck comes with a chunky handle, so you can lift the scooter and carry it around once it’s folded.

Its high IP rating makes it an ideal choice for the harsher winter months. But more than just the battery and the aviation aluminium welding frame are water resistant.

The large screen display is water resistant as well (IP65). There are multiple functions you can access through the display. It also features five distinct riding modes and cruise control. You can control all of this and more using the display.

A 12-hour charging time sounds super long. The manufacturers thought of a solution for that. This scooter features two charging ports. You can simultaneously charge it with 2 chargers.

This means you’ll be able to cut the charging time in half and can have a fully charged scooter in as little as 6 hours.

Finally, the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty. But you’ll probably never need it since the scooter is built to last your wildest adventures.

If you’re an adventurous rider or prefer a mountain bike, feel the Nami E-Burner is one of the best choices.

If you’re just starting, this scooter is mighty, high-performance, and not a practical choice.

5. Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter

The Ninebot Max is the country’s finest waterproof mid-priced electric scooter, as it meets the IPX5 waterproofing certification, which means it’s safe against weak water jets from any direction. Even if any water does get to access the key components, it’s unlikely to cause any harm.

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Brand Segway
Colour Dark Gray
Handlebar type Foldable
No. of wheels 2
Wheel size 10 inches
Type Pneumatic tires
Item weight 51.8 lbs
Brake style Front braking, Rear braking

Technical Specification

Battery Type 15.6 Ah Lithium-ion battery
Battery Power 551 Wh
Range 40 miles
IP Rating IPX7 motor and IPX5 body
Suitable for? Rain, uneven urban terrain

This scooter is a fantastic option for urban use. Its foldable, lightweight design allows for easy transportation. Its double-braking system allows the rider to come to a safe stop.

Even if you’re accelerating from a speed of 15 miles/hr, its non-slip traction control system prevents your tires from skidding. Ultimately, it allows maximum control. Even when it rains, your ride will be safe and comfortable.

If you want to take it off-road, its front and back suspensions allow for a steady ride on uneven terrain. You can even ride it up a slope of 22%.

But keep in mind this scooter is primarily designed for urban terrain. Regarding grass, sidewalks, allies, gravel paths, and bicycle lanes, Ninebot MAX is a reliable ride.

The tires can handle most surfaces with ease. These durable 10-inch tubeless self-healing tires can adapt to harsh road conditions. They also have a gelatin layer capable of sealing up to 4mm holes. You’ll never have to worry about a flat tire.

For added safety, the scooter comes equipped with front and rear indicators. So your ride is safe no matter the time of the day or the degree of visibility.

6. Apollo Light Electric Scooter

The Apollo Light sets the mood for first-timers searching for an all-arounder. Its waterproof overall score of IP54 makes it particularly suitable for riding in wet weather. The combination of power, portability, and suspension system make it one of the most enjoyable city-slicking scooters to ride.

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Brand Apollo
Battery 48v 10.2Ah Dynavolt
Charge Time 6 hours
Tyres 8.5’’ pneumatic front, 8’’ solid rear
Item Weight 35.2 lbs
Max Load 220 lbs

Technical Specification

Battery Type 15 Ah Lithium battery
Battery Power 540 Wh
Range 34 miles
IP Rating IP66
Suitable for? Rain, uneven urban terrain, hard-packed trails, wet.

The Appollo Light Electric Scooter is designed for people who don’t want to limit themselves. Speed, style and portability have been merged for the ideal urban e-scooter experience.

Due to its compact and handy design, this scooter is an excellent choice if you’re a city commuter. Whether you take it to school or to work, it won’t take up much space and can fit anywhere.

It’s equipped with pneumatic tires, which can handle bumps in the road. With their shock-absorbing potential, you’ll have a smooth and effortless ride. The riding experience of this scooter is further enhanced by its dual suspension system.

It can easily handle any kind of urban terrain.

With the different riding modes available, the rider has complete control of the drive. It has built-in short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, temperature resistance, and undervoltage protection.

So you won’t have to worry about making constant repair trips.

Its regen braking system allows you to come to a safe stop every time. With a sleek urban design, the Apollo Light Electric Scooter makes it a stylish ride. The looks you get on the street riding this are only of admiration.

7. Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Electric Scooter

This scooter, which is wolf-like in both title and existence, is a thrill enthusiasts seek and is guaranteed to get your heart racing. It provides excellent speed, power, and range performance, and the IPX4 water-resistant frame is durable enough to withstand even the most challenging riding conditions. It represents excellent value for money when considering what it can do compared to other scooters in the same price range.

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Max Load330 lbs

Brand Kaabo
Battery 60v 35ah LG
Charge Time 17+ hours
Item Weight 101 lbs

Technical Specification

Battery Type 35 Ah Lithium-ion battery
Battery Power 2100 Wh
Range 100 miles
IP Rating IP54
Suitable for? Off-road use, on-road terrain, wet roads, fog

Designed for adventures, this heavy-duty scooter is no joke. Consider opting for this scooter if  you’re an experienced rider looking for a powerful, adventure-packed riding experience.

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 delivers an exciting off-road riding experience. Its appearance and robust dual motor design make it ideal for adventures. No matter the terrain, hydraulic suspensions absorb shock and vibration effectively for a smooth, controlled ride.

With an impressive 100-mile range, you can travel longer distances than an urban electric scooter before your battery runs out. It’s capable of handling steep inclinations.

With a top speed of up to 50 miles/hr, Wolf Warrior 11 packs a punch. It’s equipped with mini-monitors, allowing the rider maximum control to balance it out for maximum safety. Paired with 11-inch tubeless vacuum tires, braking and stability are improved. Since it’s built for off-road use, the tires are protected from catching mud and debris.

Being a heavy-duty scooter, you’d expect it to be harder to transport. However, that’s not the case. It has a sturdy frame and foldable design. Making it compact and allowing portability. Whether you want to cruise, explore the wilderness, or want a scooter for a daily commute, Wolf 11 will match your needs.

8. Apollo City 2023

This scooter brings a lot of excitement to the group and is ideal for casual riders who want to move up from their starter scooter to something with a little more punch in its punch. With a top speed of 31 miles per hour and a maximum range of 34 miles, this is the perfect city adventurer for you. With its water-resistant rating of IP54 and excellent suspension system, this all-arounder can be used on and off-road with relative ease.

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Max Load330 lbs

Brand Apollo
Charge Time Up to 9 hours
Item Weight 57 or 65 lbs (depending upon the motor)
Max Load 264 lbs
Range 34 miles

Technical Specification

Battery Type 48V 20 Ah Lithium battery
Top Speed 32 mph
IP Rating IP66
Suitable for? Light rain and puddles

The Apollo Explorer boasts an innovative structure. It is designed to be versatile. One of its innovative features is its DualDeck design. It has excellent stability and comfort by offering lower gravity.

The scooter has a 360-degree RGB dynamic lighting system, making it stand out. You’re not just going to be visible on the road. You also get a degree of customisation more suited to your personality. Additionally, the scooter has a separate front, back and turning signal light system.

It offers connectivity with the Apollo App, allowing users to record rides and plan trips. You have the option to utilise its built-in D.O.T. display, or you can also mount your phone.

A distinctive feature of the Apllo Explorer is its regenerative braking system. The manufacturers say it’s akin to a video game-like braking experience. The system also charges the scooter’s battery and offers splendid control over the ride.

Its 10-inch self-healing tires remove the stress of having a flat tire. They also possess advanced shock absorption potential, making the ride a pleasant experience.

If you want a wholly personalised yet immersive riding experience, Apollo Explorer delivers on both fronts.


Are all e-scooters waterproof?

It’s a common concern; usually, the answer is no. Although some e-scooters are waterproof, most manufacturers warn riders against riding them in the rain.

There are different degrees of waterproofness, which makes things confusing. The question of whether an electric scooter is waterproof can be complicated.

Generally, waterproofness is measured on a scale. It is expressed as an ‘IP rating’.

How is waterproofness measured?

We use the ‘ingress protection standard’ to measure waterproofness. It ensures they apply the same rules whenever someone tests how well a scooter can handle water.

Once a device is tested, it gets an IP rating. For instance, you might see something like “IP66” written on a device. Those two digits in the rating give us two things.

The first digit, the ‘6’ in this example, shows how well the device keeps out solid stuff like dirt or dust. The second digit, the ‘6’ here, tells us how well it handles moisture or water.

Now, let’s talk about those moisture ratings, the second digit. Here’s what they mean:

If it’s ‘X’ or ‘0,’ it hasn’t been rated for that specific condition. For example, IPX6 means the scooter wasn’t tested for solid matter. But it is rated 6 for waterproofness.

  • ‘1’ means it can handle water droplets falling vertically, like condensation.
  • ‘2’ protects against water droplets falling at an angle of up to 15 degrees from vertical.
  • ‘3’ means it can deal with moisture sprayed up to 60 degrees from vertical
  • ‘4’ offers protection against water splashes from any direction. It’s tested for at least 10 minutes with a moving spray, and some water might get in, but it won’t harm the device.
  • ‘5’ can handle low-pressure jets of water from any angle, with limited water getting in.
  • ‘6’ can take high-pressure water jets from any angle.
  • ‘7’ can survive being fully immersed in water for up to 30 minutes at depths between 15cm and 1 meter.
  • ‘8’ means it can handle even longer and deeper immersions. The manufacturer sets the exact conditions, including temperature changes and water flow rates.
  • ‘9K’ is for heavy-duty protection. It can handle high-pressure, high-temperature water sprays, wash-downs, or steam-cleaning.

Can you wash electric scooters?

For some cases, yes. However, it’s important to note that each brand may have slightly different cleaning instructions.

Reviewing your scooter’s manual and checking its warranty details is an excellent idea to understand any specific recommendations.

Also, keep in mind that if your e-scooter isn’t designed to be waterproof, it’s best not to use water for cleaning.

First, a soft bristle brush can remove solid debris and dust. Then, you can use a sponge soaked with warm, soapy water to get to those tight corners. Finally, make sure you completely dry off the scooter.