Are you a bike junkie scared of its negative impacts on the earth? Global warming is increasing at an alarming rate, and it’s only time we start seeing its devastating effects. Hence, all of us have a responsibility towards nature.

It’s not a hidden fact that most car emissions drastically impact air quality and pollution. But with e-scooters, things can change. They are eco-friendly and can be recycled many times.

So, keep reading if you plan to shift from your regular bike.


Green tech or green technology refers to the use of science and technology to curb environmental issues like pollution, greenhouse gas emission, and global warming. It also helps to mitigate the adverse effects of human activity on the planet.

Environmental tech has been getting popular in recent years to save the planet and its resources. The newest addition to this has been e-scooters which are believed to be more environmentally friendly than cars.

E-scooters: Sustainable Moveability

Since e-scooters became mainstream, people have been talking about their benefits and perks. But, initially, the tech was not as durable and cost-effective as today, so it felt like a vague investment.

But e-scooters are all the rage now, and for the right reasons. They not only minimise carbon emissions but are also an excellent way to improve our lifestyles. Here’s how the green tech in e-scooters helps save the environment.

Green Technology in E-scooters

E-scooters run on charge and batteries, so it’s only logical that they don’t emit harmful greenhouse gases like classic cars and bikes. On the contrary, they release negligible amounts of harmful gases. Yep, that’s right; your travel buddy is environment-friendly.

If you’re wondering how that is possible, here are some facts to answer your query. Keep reading to know the top 5 reasons why an e-scooter is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional bikes and scooters:

1. Can be recycled

One of the underappreciated benefits of e-scooters is that they are made of recyclable material. Yes, not all the models will have this quality, but more or less, more of them contain aluminium alloy.

This durable and lightweight material can be moulded and melted many times without losing its durability. So, we can save up to 9 tons of carbon emissions by investing in e-scooters that can be recycled.

2. Improved Lifestyle

Urban cities are filled with pollution due to cars, factories, and vehicles. For example, the government of the UK states that cars alone contributed to 12% of Nitrogen Oxides emissions in a year. This figure is dangerously high for the environment but also for the residents.

Shifting to e-scooters can help curb the issue as they release about three times fewer emissions than a car. Having less air pollution will drastically improve the lifestyle and health of people living in big cities.

3. No emission

The main benefit of e-scooters is their impact on the environment. They run on electricity and battery and therefore don’t require fuel and gas. As a result, there are minimal carbon-related emissions from the scooters.

Consequently, cities become free from the pollutants and harmful gases that our cars release. So, shifting to e-scooters can be wise in reducing global warming and conserving our environment.

4. Cost Effective

An average e-scooters weighs 30-50 lbs while a car goes up to 3000-4000 lb. the weight also plays an essential role in defining the cost-effectiveness of a vehicle. So naturally, a lighter more-compact ride will take a fraction of energy to move compared to a heavier one.

A study on e-scooter states that they are almost 1000% more cost-effective per mile than a standard-sized combustion vehicle. This means the greenhouse effect they might produce is almost negligible in comparison.

5. Durability

It’s no secret that e-scooters in the past few years were unreliable and used to break down more often. Though this might negatively impact the environment, things have changed for the better.

Forbes stated that in the past two years, the market of electric scooters went from using cheap non-reliable parts to making fully optimised scooters with excellent durability and efficiency.

Increasing the life of an average electric scooter increases sustainability and decreases pollution. It also promotes using resources wisely rather than contributing to land and air pollution.


Keeping all the benefits in check, e-scooters might quickly become a part of our lives in a few years. The government of the UK has already passed a few laws regarding these machines, and it’s proof that we will soon be riding our favourite e-scooter models in the streets. So are you ready to go green?