Scooters may be just as successful as motorbikes for low-cost, uncomplicated urban mobility. And, like motor vehicle manufacturers, scooter manufacturers are increasingly adopting electricity. However, just because scooters are meant for city driving doesn’t mean they can’t go at highway speeds. And that’s exactly what some of the best fast electric scooter on the market in the United Kingdom today offer.

Best Fast Electric Scooter 2022

Electric scooters are an excellent way to experience outdoor activities or commute to work.

Their speeds enable you to float in the air and clear your thoughts. When shopping for electric scooters, we usually pick those with sophisticated features and more extensive and variable speed possibilities so that we can enjoy the trip we desire. Without a doubt, if you’re going to spend a lot of money on them, the electric scooter you get should meet your needs. If you’ve already calculated your budget before purchasing the best fast electric scooter, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

Fastest Electric Scooter Max Speed Weight Capacity
Kaboo Wolf Warrior 56mph  330lbs 
Segway Ninebot Max 40.4mph 220lbs
Hover-1 Alpha Electric Kick Scooter 40mph 330lbs 

Scooters have seen a significant rise in interest and a warm reception among the general public in the past decade. They were among the most popular forms of transportation since they could give a rapid, easy, and pleasant riding experience. They’re also excellent for people of all ages, including children and adults. Some see them as a possible answer to urban pollution, while others purchase them to do short errands, and still others like riding them for pure joy.

Hiboy S2R Electric Scooter

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Electric Scooter Hiboy S2R is a foldable commuting scooter with a range of 17 miles at 19mph. Take a look at a freshly upgraded battery, with a new innovative battery, rapid replacement, and improved waterproofing. The ride is smooth, and the frame folds up for portability. Hiboy S2R will be your commuting partner for a long time.

Max Speed 19mph
Weight Capability 220 lbs
Special Feature

Three Brilliant Lights System

Portable Folding Design

Customized Cruise & Speed Control

Kaboo Wolf Warrior 11 Electric Scooter

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The Wolf fighter can achieve a peak speed of 56 miles per hour both on and off-road, and it can climb up to 45-degree slopes with ease. This is attributable to the reality that this beast is equipped with a 1200 watt twin motor and two 40 amp circuits, allowing it to reach an astounding peak output of 5400 watts. In addition, it offers one of the broadest riding capabilities available, ranging from 56 to 93 miles, with the Eco-mode taking you to the upper end of that range.

Max Speed 56Mph 
Weight Capability 330lbs
Special Feature capable of reaching a tremendous top speed of 56 miles per hour

GoTrax G4

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The G4 is a significant increase over earlier Gotrax models, with supersized pneumatic tyres, a peak speed of 20 mph, and a 374 watt-hour battery – the essential capabilities in the passenger class.

The G4 is a noteworthy scooter for its price, but the protective measures that appeal to certain purchasers may turn others off. Also, we noticed that following a kick-start, you must double-tap the thumb throttle to activate the engine, which is inconvenient and not intended by Gotrax.

Value-conscious buyers looking for a scooter worth its load will flock to the G4. It’s a fantastic option. The built-in cable and electronic locks are helpful for brief pauses, but they will not deter the most determined burglars. Its peak speed feels rapid, and its range of 15 miles is plenty for most riders.

Max Speed 20mph 
Weight Capability 49.79lbs

Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter

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It can go twice as far as the M365, with 28 miles of proven real-world range, and it’s somewhat quicker than electric scooters on the sharing market, with a peak speed of 65 kilometres per hour. The Ninebot Max has a rear hub motor that is 100 watts stronger than the M365, allowing larger riders to accelerate up steeper slopes.

The Max offers 22% more standing area than the M365, a more expansive deck, and massive, air-filled tyres to ease lengthy journeys. It has so many user-friendly and pleasurable functions that it’s easy to miss Max’s very ordinary appearance. The Max isn’t a spectacular racing scooter in terms of capability or look, but it’s a dependable machine intended for commuting.

Max Speed 40.4mph
Weight Capability 220 lbs
Special Features Updated design features and durability

Hover-1 Alpha Electric Kick Scooter

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To begin with, the Hover-1 Alpha Electric Kick Scooter boasts two motors on both the front and rear, giving it a combined peak power of 3200 watts. It has a top speed of 40 miles per hour and a range of 35 to 40 miles. It also has two biking modes: Eco-mode for longer rides and Turbo-Mode for speed fanatics.

One of the most apparent features of this scooter is its size; at roughly 36kg, it is more significant than most other scooters. However, it includes a big standing platform that can hold a maximum weight of up to 330 lbs, perfect for a prominent person. It also has massive 10-inch tyres for city riding or a pair of off-road tyres that can be ordered separately.

Max Speed 40 mph
Weight Capability 330lbs
Special Features

Dual Spring Hydraulic suspension

Display screen


Electric scooters are undeniably popular around the world, providing a convenient and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, particularly in urban areas. When selecting the best fast electric scooter, there are numerous options to consider based on your budget and specific riding requirements. With a quick and powerful electric scooter, you not only get the thrill of riding at high speeds, but you also get improved ride quality, good hill climbing and off-road capabilities, excellent braking, and additional functionalities to round out your scooter experience.