Three-wheeled scooters have made the day-to-day commute for people who live in bigger cities seamless. If you own one, you don’t have to worry about missing a bus, getting stuck in traffic, or parking.

They are cleaner for the environment because they run on electricity, and their compact design means they can even fit on the subway.

Why Should You Go For a 3-Wheeled Electric Scooter?

3-wheeled electric scooters offer great legroom for taller people. The design enables the riders to take sharper turns and go for extended rides. The three-wheel design offers more stability than a standard two-wheeled eclectic scooter but lesser speed.

When it comes to speed and stability combined, nothing beats a 4-wheeled electric scooter. However, the 2-wheeled e-scooters are ideal for indoors and smooth services.

So, if you’re looking for something light and casual, our list of Best 3-wheeled Electric Scooters in the UK is bound to catch your attention.

What Are the Advantages of Three-Wheeled Scooters?


Scooters, especially three-wheeled, are far more convenient than traditional means of transport. If you go to work by car you not only have to worry about traffic but parking is a huge hassle too.

If you use public transport, you must ensure you catch the bus on time, and it’s far more time-consuming.

But if you have a three-wheeled electric scooter, you won’t have to go through any of this. Some scooters can go up to 22 mph. Now, you commute on your terms.


Scooters are cheaper than bikes or cars. This makes them an ideal option if you’re someone who doesn’t want to spend an arm and leg on a reasonable means of transport.

Besides, with sky-high fuel prices, driving a car to work every day has become even more expensive. But with three-wheeled electric scooters, that problem disappears as well.

Environment Friendly

Unlike traditional buses or cars, three-wheeled electric scooters run on electricity, i.e., clean and green energy.

They burn no fossil fuels, emit no carbon dioxide, and are eco-friendly. An electric scooter is an excellent choice if you’re committed to a greener environment.

1. YIMI 8.3 Foldable Smart Electric Scooter

The YIMI 8.3 Foldable Smart Electric Scooter brings a comfortable riding experience to users.

Featuring an urban design, this is a classic scooter that won’t draw attention even when you carry it with you at the office.

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Max. Speed 21.7 mph
Weight 35 lbs
Unique Feature Non-zero start, German TUV-certified lighting system, foldable
Max. Weight Capacity 264.5 lbs
Display Nixiel tube display

Technical Specification

Battery Type 7.8 Ah Lithium Battery
Battery Power Max. Power 500W
Range Approx 24.8 miles
IP Rating IP54
Suitable for? Nighttime, uneven climbing terrain, urban areas, slippery surfaces, rain

The first thing to look for while investing is always the quality. The good news is the YIMI 8.3 has passed the CE and the ABE mechanical and electrical safety performance tests.

The most exciting features are its one-step folding mechanism and lightweight design. It also has a climbing ability for inclinations of up to 15 degrees. That, paired with its two front drum brakes and rear Electric brake, makes it an ideal candidate for a bumpy ride.

The tires of the YIMI 8.3 scooter feature a non-inflatable honeycomb design. This means you never have to worry about a flat tire, and that too without having a stiff riding experience.

The front tires are designed to be flexible to allow excellent manoeuvring and control.

The frame itself is made from a sturdy magnesium-aluminium alloy, which adds to its strength without adding too much to the weight. For extra safety, the scooter deck features an anti-skid pad.

The display is a bright and clear Nixie tube. You’ll never struggle to see your scooter’s screen on those bright and sunny days.

YIMI 8.3 is also one of the safest options for a night-time rider. The headlights, tail lights, and reflector systems have all passed the rigorous TUV German certification. You’ll always be visible no matter how dark it gets on the road.

2. 8TEV C12 Roam Three-Wheeled Electric Scooter

The C12 Roam electric scooter features an urban design to ride in style. It has a brushless motor, which lasts longer.

With three different speed modes, you are always in control. Plus, with its sturdy maple deck, you can use it in multiple environments. This modern retro scooter is an engineering marvel that will get you in style any place, any time.

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Max. Speed 21.6 mph
Weight 41.8 lbs
Unique Feature Three-speed modes, Tektro hydraulic brakes, foldable
Max. Weight Capacity 264.5 lbs
Display LCD

Technical Specification

Battery Type 13 Ah
Battery Power 250 W
Range Approx 13.6 miles
IP Rating IPX6
Suitable for? Night-time, urban areas, off-road, rain

If the way is bumpy, you better come equipped. The chunky 12-inch pneumatic tires of this e-scooter are perfect for absorbing all those bumps and jerks along your path.

For an additional layer of safety, the front wheels are made of a magnesium alloy produced by a high-pressure injection moulding procedure. This means the strength-to-weight ratio is ideal for both off-road and on-road use.

As for the acceleration, the C12 Roam might be slow at speed modes one and two. If you want to go rogue, try speed mode three for a higher initial acceleration.

With its Tektro mechanical, hydraulic disk brakes and dual-piston callipers, you can rest assured you’ll always come to a safe stop.

The 7-ply maple wood deck has integrated carbon fibres for a non-slip design. Plus, it has a high IPX rating of six. The battery is okay if you ride your scooter in the rain.

If you’re a skater, this scooter’s design will feel natural. So you won’t need as much getting used to it as you would to another scooter.

Its frame is constructed with Aircraft-grade Chromoly 4130, making it a sleek yet sturdy option. It’s a scooter with a skateboard feel and a retro aesthetic.

The front and rear of the scooter are equipped with LED lights. These are made to be ultra-bright, so you can see and be seen even if you ride in the dark of the night.

All the components of the scooter are high-quality. This also means the scooter is slightly heavier than other options. It’s still a high-quality all-rounder scooter for trips around the city.

3. Future 10: Three-Wheel Electric Scooter

If you want to try something different and aren’t ready to commit, stick with the Future 10: Three-Wheel Electric Scooter. It comes with all the features that make a great e-scooter and features a unique foldable ‘trolley bag design.’

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Max. Speed 21.7 mph
Weight 37.4 lbs
Unique Feature Rear suspension, Smart motion control, foldable seat can be added, USB port
Max. Weight Capacity 220.4 lbs
Display Simple digital

Technical Specification

Battery Type 10.4 Ah Lithium-ion Battery
Battery Power 500W
Range 20 miles
IP Rating N/A
Suitable for? Urban areas, climbing terrain

If you prefer a sleek look, this dual rear-wheel design is perfect. With a solid rear suspension, the Future 10 e-scooter is all about safety. The plywood deck is lined with sticky grip tape to make things even more secure. This means there’s no way you’ll fall off.

This three-wheeled e-scooter offers innovative motion control features to have more control on your ride. So you get a Kick&Go function, Soft Start Function, and Electronic Speed limitation.

The speed limitation is initially set to 15.5 mph. However, if you’re in a rush, there is an option to change it to 21.7 mph manually by using the Special Function.

It offers a cruise function as well. So, seamlessly cruise around the city streets at a steady speed of about 19.8 mph. With five different speed modes, you get the freedom and control to ride on your own terms.

Are you worried about those sharp corners you need to cut?

The Future 10 scooter will allow you to lean easily and manoeuvre it to your heart’s desire. With flares attached at the back, the scooter deck shifts, ensuring you don’t come in contact with the rear wheels while making sharp turns.

A reliable, sturdy, and lightweight design are the most significant advantages of this scooter.  It also possesses a decent climbing ability owing to its powerful motor. It’s easy to manage, the functionality is super simple, and it’s highly manoeuvrable.

All you need to do is kick, and you’re ready to go.

Even its wheels were designed with the utmost care. Each wheel comes with plastic fairings. These are especially effective in keeping mud and water out.

The scooter has two different braking systems to ensure a smooth stop. The front wheel has the regen brakes with the hub motor, while the back wheels have disc brakes.

Its futuristic design is both practical and stylish. Its ‘Trolley bag’ look and lightweight design make it ideal for transportation. You can carry it inside a bus or subway without breaking your back.

It’s also accessible for people with limited mobility. The manufacturer made sure to add a seat option as well. So, if you’re someone with special needs, you’ll be happy to know the company considered them. However, you will have to order it separately.

Given the lack of a front suspension, it may be slower and bumpier. But those are just things you’ll have to get used to.

It’s the perfect sleek ride if you’re looking to commute within urban areas. Its safe, three-wheeled, stable design makes it ideal for people new to scooters and for older users.

Three-wheeled electric scooters are perfect for someone looking for a fun ride on easy, even surfaces. The balance you get might not be as perfect as a 4-wheeled scooter, but you will get used to it in no time.

If you’re a beginner and want an easy-to-ride electric scooter, the three-wheeler can be a perfect choice for you.