You can get from point A to point B using an electric scooter. The Department of Transport is testing electric scooters with the help of multiple providers throughout the United Kingdom to support an eco-friendly restart of local travel and to help mitigate lower public transportation capacity.

You must first download and install an app to rent and use an e-scooter from any provider. Because they are all privately held businesses, each has its distinct selling point. As a result, if you want to try before you buy, consider testing the motors in your location and knowing how much are e scooters to rent cost.

How Does the Electric Scooter Sharing System Work?

  • Install any of the providers’ mobile apps to find vehicles near you.
  • Scanning the QR code on the handlebars or the baseboard.
  • Drive from point A to point B, then park the scooter in a designated location.
  • Did you finish riding? Simply exit the app and stop the ride.

There is no need for a complex charging infrastructure. Scooter sharing companies use apps specifically designed to monitor the battery levels of their scooters. Is there not enough battery power left? Students and freelancers, also known as ‘chargers,’ recharge two-wheelers at home at night.

How Much Are E Scooters to Rent?

1. Lime

Price: 15p per minute.

Areas available include London, Salford, Milton Keynes.

Lime is a global company that provides the “ultimate e-scooter service.” You can log into the app, and it will quickly track your location and guide you to the nearest docking station.

According to the company’s website, Lime’s electric scooters are accessible in London and Milton Keynes. Mancunians could also use them in the Salford City Region, where the council has collaborated with the company and the Department of Transport for the trial, as previously mentioned.

Lime’s Salford trial is the company’s third in the United Kingdom, following London and Milton Keynes. However, the company is more well-established in Europe than in the United Kingdom, with docking stations in 14 cities in Germany alone.

How much are e scooters to rent? It costs £1 to unlock and 15p to ride for one minute. When a ride is finished, users should park the scooter in specified parking areas and take a picture to affirm the end of the ride. If you’re not sure where to start, Lime collaborates with Uber that allows the user to search for scooters in your area using the Uber app.

2. Bolt

Price: 15p per minute.

Areas available include London.

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt co-founded this international brand of e-scooters. You can find it in the most significant cities in the UK. Bolt scooters are among the lightest on the market, weighing only 17kg and capable of travelling 25 miles on a single charge.

Bolt’s app is currently Europe’s only platform that provides ride-hailing, e-scooters, and e-bikes under a single brand. This wide range of mobility options distinguishes it from its competing companies. All you need is one app to obtain any of these options.

The company takes pride in its diligence and meticulousness. Having participated in an additional, unconditional test performed by Millbrook’s most prominent independent vehicle testing agency before the authorised trial started in London.

3. Ginger

Price: £2 per 20 minutes.

Areas available include Hartlepool, Middleborough, Stafford, Milton Keynes, Copeland, Chester, Yarmouth, and Scunthorpe.

Ginger is a UK-based company that asserts consumers could even ride 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s important to note, however, that the company’s site indicates: ‘In a few places, new journeys cannot begin after 10 p.m. or 11 p.m.’ The following morning, these journeys become obtainable again. Ginger, like Lime, utilises specified parking places that can be found on a map in its app.

People over 18 can rent an electric scooter for £2 every 20 minutes, plus 50p per 10 minutes of pause time.

The Ginger app also includes a section for special offers and promotions. This section is ideal for those who want to save money while still getting the whole e-scooter experience.

4. Bird

Price: 15p per minute or 25p per in London

Areas available include London and Redditch.

British people may be familiar with the Bird brand because its e-scooters have been used at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park since 2018. Bird e-scooters are also available in other parts of London and Redditch.

Given the popularity of e-scooters in large cities, Bird enables you to reserve a scooter up to 30 minutes ahead of time to prevent dissatisfaction due to non-availability.

‘Bird’s purpose is to help create towns and cities more lively by attempting to fix ‘the last mile problem,’ in which journeys are too limited for public transportation to be productive but too long to walk,’ according to the Redditch Advertiser.

Unlike the others, Bird does not have designated standing areas. The company recommends keeping a scooter away from the public pathways and parking it by kickstand.

Bluetooth is a way of distinguishing a Bird scooter. It helps connect your gadgets to the scooter and listen to your phone’s music tracks or favourite podcasts, just like you would in a car.

A Bird scooter costs 25p per minute in London plus a £1 unlocking fee. However, it has been reported that it costs 15p per minute in Redditch. It’s best to use the Bird search to track your nearby ride price and get the most up-to-date pricing details.

5. Wind

Price: 12p per minute or £30 per month for private rental

Areas available include Derby and Nottingham.

The wind is yet another international e-scooter manufacturer. Wind scooters, on the other hand, are only available to Brits in the places listed above. Residents and workers in Nottingham can rent one of Wind’s e-scooters for £30 per month for up to a year. The app also offers daily rentals. E-scooter costs 12p per minute to ride on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Fifty e-scooters are accessible for long-term or monthly rental only in Derby. Derby’s trial started in November 2020 and will last until November 2021. Following the cancellation of an early e-bike trial with another provider in early 2020, the council and Wind are attempting to take a more proactive approach to minimise the risk of theft or damage. The e-scooters are outfitted with technology that prevents operating outside designated areas. To maintain good use, the operator can monitor the scooters.

Key employees can sign up for long-term rentals at a reduced rate. In addition, rather than leaving the motor in a specified place, they can consider taking an e-scooter home for exclusive use. Wind’s e-scooters include a removable helmet and hand sanitiser, which is one of its most appealing features. How much are e scooters to rent? Wind’s e-scooters cost £1 to unlock and then 12p per minute after that. The final price is determined by the number of times the scooter has been unlocked and locked using the app. Don’t forget to log back into the app as soon as you complete it to prevent being overcharged!