So, you’re planning to store your e-scooter till the cold weather subsides. Or, you want to keep it safe until you return from your holiday trip. In any case, appropriate care and maintenance are imperative so that you can enjoy your vehicle whenever you take it out.

Simply folding the e-scooter and putting it in a garage is not enough. It can cause corrosion and, in the worst case, even kill the battery. So how can you store your scooter? Keep reading to find out.

Storing Manual

Did you know that the average lifespan of best electric scooters are around 3 to 5 years? But, if you care about your vehicle and maintain it, you can conserve its power for a longer time.

Supervision of an electric scooter becomes more critical if it’s kept in storage for longer durations of time , as the parts can quickly become worn out. So, adequate and proper care is necessary, especially in those times.

We have rounded down a few minor but essential tips for storing your e-scooter with utmost care. Keep reading to find out.

How to store electric scooters?

Here are the top ways you can safely store your e-scooter for a longer time.

1. Battery Care

E-scooters mostly contain Li-ion batteries, which can easily get degraded if not kept in proper conditions with adequate care. So, to elongate your scooter’s battery, you must ensure a few things.

Firstly, always charge the scooter 60% before storage. This will give you an excellent chance to keep the machine tucked away for an extended period without killing the battery.

If you keep the electric scooter in a store for longer than a month, charge the battery periodically.

If your e-scooter has been exposed to extremely high or low temperatures, keep it in a warm room for a few hours before attempting to charge it. It will give the vehicle a chance to stabilise the battery.

2. Wipe it down

Maintainance and upkeep of your e-scooter are essential to ensure it stays running. It would be best if you did this often, especially in a cold or rainy area. Take a clean damp cloth and wipe the electric scooter from the handles to the tyres.

Once it is free from dust, dirt, and grit, check the connectors and other parts to see if they need any tightening or cleaning to prevent corrosion. Also, dry any water that might’ve seeped into the scooter, as it can cause corrosion and damage.

A clean and maintained electric scooter will last longer than one used recklessly. So, always remember to keep your vehicle clean and ready to go.

3. Cover it

Cover your electric scooter with a good waterproof bag or proper container. If you store the machine for longer, moisture and cold temperatures can adversely affect its performance. Hence, a manufacturer-approved cover is a way to go.

It will also ensure that dust and dirt don’t settle on your travel buddy while resting in the garage.

4. Storage in a dry place

Selecting a proper dry and cool place for your electric scooter is a must. Extremely high and low temperatures are the enemy of batteries so remember to store them at room temperature. Additionally, the place should be free from excessive moisture and water.

A nice, dry place without direct sunlight or rain is perfect for storing your beloved scooter. Remember, the ideal temperature for your e-scooter is around 10°C. Tiny fluctuations are acceptable, but anything beyond the set limit can negatively impact your bike.

5. Check it periodically

The last tip is one that you should keep in mind. Always check your electric scooter after a few weeks. Especially if you’re storing it away from longer intervals, you need to maintain regular checks.

After a few weeks pass, remove your e-scooter from the cover and start it for a few minutes. It will give the engine a chance to get powered up. Next, check the battery and recharge it if it’s on the lower side.

Also, check the screws and brakes to see if everything is working fine. Next, examine the tyre pressure and the connectors to see any corrosion. Lastly, wipe the scooter thoroughly before packing it back in, and remember to do this activity after every few weeks.


Remember the caring manual, and always keep your scooter up-to-date. It will not only keep the running but will also elongate the total lifespan of your bike. Now and then, electric machines need some TLC to perform their best. And these steps are easy to do regularly. As a result, you will reap the benefits of caring for your e-scooter in the coming years.