Electric scooters, often known as e-scooters, are now available for hire in a few locations in London as a portion of a year-long experiment to see how viable they are. Scooters are prohibited from riding on roadways and are restricted to 15.5 mph as part of an experiment done by TFL and London boroughs. This article will go into great detail about to rent electric scooter.

How To Rent Electric Scooter?

You can rush from point A to point B in style on an electric scooter.

Electric scooters are now being tested by the Department of Transport with various suppliers around the UK to “enable a green restart of local commuting and assist decreasing public transportation capacity.”

Renting and using an electric scooter is simple; all suppliers require an app. Because they’re all private businesses, they all have their unique characteristics. So, if you want to try before you purchase, why not check out some of the motors in your neighbourhood?

The seven finest electric scooters with applications are listed below.

           Application            Location                 
Lime Milton Keynes, London, Salford
Ginger Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Milton Keynes, Stafford, Copeland, Chester, Scunthorpe, and Great Yarmouth
Bolt  London
Wind Nottingham and Derby
Bird  London and Redditch
Zwings e-scooters Yeovil, Chard, Crewkerne, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Newcastle and Keele University Campus.
Voi e-scooters Bath, Bristol, Birmingham, Cambridge, Coventry, Liverpool, London, and Northampton

1. Lime

If you want to know how to rent electric scooter, Lime is a global corporation that provides the “ultimate e-scooter experience.” You may open the app, and it will immediately track your position and route you to the nearest loading dock.

According to the company’s website, Lime’s electric scooters are accessible in Milton Keynes and London. As previously indicated, Salford City Region residents may also use them since the council has cooperated with the firm and the Department of Transport for the experiment.

2. Ginger

Ginger is a corporation established in the United Kingdom that says consumers may ride whenever they want.

Ginger, like Lime, employs authorised parking locations that can be located on the app’s map.

For £2 every 20 minutes, those aged 18 and over may rent an electric scooter, with an extra 50p for 10 minutes of halting time.

An area for specials and promotions is also included in the Ginger app. This area is ideal for those who want to save money while still obtaining the complete e-scooter experience.

3. Bolt

This worldwide brand of e-scooters was co-founded by Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt (thus the name). It can be accessed across most major cities in the UK.

Bolt scooters are among the lightest on the market, weighing only 17kg and capable of travelling 25 kilometres on a single charge.

Bolt’s app is now Europe’s only platform that combines ride-hailing, e-scooters, and e-bikes under one brand. This wide range of mobility choices sets it apart from the competition. All you need is one app to access any of these possibilities.

4. Wind

Another worldwide e-scooter brand is Wind. Wind scooters are exclusively available to Brits in the areas mentioned above.

Residents and workers in Nottingham may rent an e-scooter from Wind for £30 per month for up to a year. You can also hire by the day on the app. E-scooter costs 12p per minute to ride on a pay-as-you-go basis.

There are 50 electric scooters available for long-term or monthly rental in Derby. The experiment at Derby started in November 2020 and will end in November 2021.

5. Bird

Bird’s e-scooters have been accessible at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park since 2018, so Londoners may already be familiar with the brand. Bird electric scooters are also available in other parts of London and Redditch.

Due to the high demand for e-scooters in significant cities, Bird now enables you to book a scooter up to 30 minutes ahead of time to prevent regret.

6. Zwings

Zwings is an e-scooter startup eager to allay any fears people may have about e-scooters. Its mission is to provide rider education and safety via the app, and it collaborates closely with local populations to accomplish this.

The e-scooter firm in Somerset collaborates directly with community authorities as part of a negotiated settlement to assure the security of both users and non-users. Scooters that are overused or taken outside of designated ‘scoot’ locations will be turned off automatically. Zwings can achieve this in a matter of seconds from afar.

7. Voi

Voi is a Swedish corporation that operates across Europe, having bases in the United Kingdom in the cities listed above and more on the way. In reality, the Department of Transportation has granted the corporation 21 licences to operate in towns and cities around the nation.

The e-scooters are dockless, which means users may leave them anywhere they choose. Voi scooters are designed to reduce air and noise pollution and traffic congestion throughout Europe.

The firm has also introduced a new opportunity to encourage riders to ride safely. Users may snap a “helmet selfie” to confirm they’re wearing a helmet and earn loyalty points that can be used for cheaper trips at a later time.

How To Use Electric Scooters?

Riding an electric scooter is simpler than riding a bicycle, and most people can learn to ride one quickly. This tutorial will assist you in getting started and will provide crucial information on how to ride a scooter. Here are some pointers on how to ride an electric scooter. Let’s get started!

  1. Put on the necessary protective gear for your trip and riding style.
  2. Become familiar with your scooter and its controls.
  3. Before jumping on your scooter, do a pre-flight inspection.
  4. Start your scooter by kicking it off the ground.
  5. Lower speeds turn by steering; at more incredible speeds, depending on leaning.
  6. When braking forcefully, shift your weight back and forth.
  7. Use the throttle to accelerate and position yourself for stability.

Now that you know how to ride an electric scooter, you should get one and experience how excellent it is to have an electric scooter.